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I will show you how to sideload android apps on blackberry playbook os 2.0 if you have any question or need help, comment on the video. Website where Android…

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  • brian ricafort 3 years ago

    hi i think i have a serious problem i made a security wipe on my bb
    playbook but after only to apps remain browser and setup tried to restart
    and everything plz help :'(

  • Randomeverythingboy everythingboy 3 years ago

    it is shit because when i loaded the BAR file it said it installed but the
    playbook wasnt plugged in to my pc

  • Hamzadilawar Khan 3 years ago

    it is showing JAVA RUN TIME NOT DECETED funcition on tab may not work

    what should i do now?

  • laddi Lubana 3 years ago

    Give me a skype id

  • Hamzadilawar Khan 3 years ago

    i have selected skype but is not installing why

  • Hamzadilawar Khan 3 years ago

    hi i have downloded bbh tool so how can i find my IP address

  • Steve Williams 3 years ago

    Can you download apps that are no longer in the Android market but they are
    still online? 

  • Steve Williams 3 years ago

    Can u download apps that are no longer in the Android market if they are
    still online?meeting MOVIETUBE 4.2… I have it on my phone and galaxy tab

  • chanytube 3 years ago

    Hello, Can I download the Android apps directly from the Playbook without
    using the PC? I’m asking because the micro USB port in my Playbook got
    damaged and unfortunately I cannot connect it to the PC. Particularly I
    would like to install Skype. Thanks.

  • tyler mclaughlin 3 years ago

    no ur lay books fine its in development its a 50/50 but thats them tellin u
    use bb store :P

  • go perfect girl 3 years ago

    is this safe for bb playbook i just got 64gb playbook i dont want to
    destroy it!!

  • go perfect girl 3 years ago

    can anyone help me i cannot download or open blackberry world please

  • BDNation104 3 years ago

    dose the blackberry need to be jailbroken?

  • zoheb shafi 3 years ago

    is this safe i just gt a 60gb playbook nd i dont want to destroy it

  • Sophia Inniss 3 years ago

    Im Not getting the BBh tool

  • Darius Gamer 3 years ago

    I did , i have updaded JAVA, run as admistrator , did all step by step ,
    but i get the same error that PorMillionairee has. that’s sad because i
    know i can work , you prove it in your video 😀

  • Erik Quintana 3 years ago

    Sorry I’m a bit late on this, but yeah i did actually, check out this video
    seems just about right. youtube(DOT)com/watch?v=rHDrmAtaUY0&feature=g-like

  • Lewis Parker 3 years ago

    does this work for Version

  • Ryan Lotz 3 years ago

    i got the same problem here what did you do then?

  • AleMimis1 3 years ago

    Hey when a want to instal the games told me ” Selected .BAR(s) have not
    been successfull installed to the connected divice. Please tray again.”
    When a Tray again say the same Whan can I do???

  • Airsoftmaster123 3 years ago

    Please run the program as an administrator and make sure all ip addresses
    are correct.

  • Roy Daigle 3 years ago

    When I click on “Install it” I get a message. “Selected .BAR(s) have NOT
    been successfull Installed to the connected device. Please try again.”
    Pretty sure I did everything as per your video…btw good job.

  • Viero Zurted 3 years ago

    Is this thing safe for my bb playbook? I just got my 16g playbook last
    month and i don’t want to destroy it!

  • dleetrini 3 years ago

    Have you slideloaded Netflix? If not, is it possible to do so at this time?

  • jackass2709 3 years ago

    me to the same thing happened

  • marlen tamans 3 years ago

    Hi can you give me link to download BBH tool not working

  • Darragh O'Reilly 3 years ago

    Does Skype Video-Calling Work ?

  • Gabriel Nartey 3 years ago

    OMG Mr.Airsoftmaster please i want you should be my Teacher And thank you
    so much for this video… but i have a little with my yahoo messenger after
    downloading when i sign in it keep saying problem with the sever