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This video will show users how to restore their BlackBerry PlayBook to a like new state. This is great to do if you are preparing to sell the device, or are …

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  • Crystal John 2 years ago

    thank you was very helpful

  • Ali Sajadi 2 years ago

    thanks very helpful

  • danish2gilani 2 years ago


  • charlotte wheeler 2 years ago

    thank u so much i just brought a secend hand 1 and i have spends houers
    trying to reset it thanks 🙂

  • Kyle Fowler 2 years ago


  • youngestquest 2 years ago


  • andy le 2 years ago

    Playbook sucks. iPad all the way.

  • DaDude626 2 years ago

    very nice bro very nice

  • sulaiman aldakhil 2 years ago

    thaaaanks a lot

  • Squirt4757 2 years ago

    @HIPNOTICX I think u can turn it off, open desktop manager, and plug the
    Playbook in by USB. Click update

  • Momiji Spiderwebs 2 years ago

    Is there a way to factory reset the playbook when it’s on demo mode? My dad
    just bought a used one at a flea market and I have no idea, on how to get
    him out of demo mode since it’s signed in with a different user. And it
    requires a password for me to unlock the system. -_-‘

  • VideoGamePlayer12 2 years ago

    Cool story, bro.

  • Pamer Balint 2 years ago

    a video about how to press “button” … 🙂 oke (and this is not what im
    looking for)

  • Andy Jamm 2 years ago

    @tsnax4 but yet your watching a playbook video??????? go write pointless
    comments somewhere else

  • john abruzzi 2 years ago

    how can i fix it?my playbook only have a browser icon

  • Reece Higgins 2 years ago

    cheers mate really helped

  • David Rose 2 years ago

    I just thumped up cause I felt bad for the guy O-o

  • GTAterrorism 2 years ago


  • Fostermom1234 2 years ago

    Thank you for ie information

  • HIPNOTICX 2 years ago

    Okay, I bought a Playbook off of Amazon and it’s requiring a password in
    order to begin using it.. Is there a way I can just take it off?

  • matthewterry1 2 years ago

    Using the wipe option deletes everything on your Playbook including the
    factory installed apps. It does not go back the way it was when you took it
    out the box..

  • nornornor11 2 years ago

    thanks dude

  • Pokefan9000 2 years ago

    thir..oh not gay

  • BLUEC0RE 2 years ago

    @Kveekx1 watching this vid on playbook

  • Kveekx1 2 years ago

    ok vid but noone has bberry playbook every one has ipad!!