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  • ukfrosty 3 years ago

    Think you’ll achieve the same by doing a factory reset, security wipe.

  • edeh moses 3 years ago

    see aowhe goes man 

  • Jojo Balagot 3 years ago

    I need help after I did the Os update, what happened is I got stuck on the
    wifi setup. It doesn’t show my wife’s . Pls help me

  • Graham Recto 3 years ago

    Hi. HELP! All the default apps were deleted after Secure Wipe

  • Quevon Denbow 3 years ago

    thx alot dude

  • Blackberry should hire you to teach people use their device. Shit

  • Brono98Productions 3 years ago

    “It’s not working George,” I was laughing my ass off. Cool vid

  • Matthew Moore 3 years ago

    I been doing that voice since i was a kid. It always gets a laugh or two.
    :-). Maybe i should do a whole video like that. LOL.

  • Juan Duron 3 years ago

    Ok I have a problem because I can’t download the video and music store,
    slacker radio and the podcast app because I’m from Honduras what can I do?

  • johnierw 3 years ago

    I got lucky never had the “red dot of death”, proceeded through the entire
    install without issue!! Thanks!

  • Steve Crawford 3 years ago

    Just updated the OS and it appears that RIM has fixed the bug. Everything
    else ran smoothly as per your instructions. Thanks for the instructions as
    it worked great!

  • Dayan359 3 years ago

    This guy sounds like Mr Plinkett from the Red Letter Media site

  • Luke Hansen 3 years ago

    same here]

  • john abruzzi 3 years ago

    my playbook icon only 1 the browser icon. how can i get all my app back
    like previous version on my playbook (many icon like fb,twitter,adobe
    reader,bing maps,youtube) ??