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Apple’s iPad mini is now available to the masses and in the interest of science, I picked one up to put it’s through it’s paces. After a few hours of testing…

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  • bawa Ghuman 2 years ago

    iPad mini

  • Edjair Morales 2 years ago

    Since when does bigger numbers in terms of specs make a difference? Apple
    never has the “bigger numbers” in laptops, phones etc yet when they do
    performance tests they score higher and kick ass

  • kickassdj 2 years ago

    BB playbook is full entertainment package, specially with good spears, mini
    hdmi out and flash support in browser. Not only that it got true
    Multi-tasking support.

  • orangedac 2 years ago

    for the price, you can’t beat the Playbook i’ve been using mine for over a
    year and its great

  • cinadada 2 years ago

    play book! true multitasking

  • PRASHANT BISWAS 2 years ago

    Im lucky to have 64gbplaybook . best tablet at awesome price point.i was
    planning to buy IPAD4 in coming christmas,but now i decided to buy ipod
    touch 5g. i love Blackberry and apple products.

  • Gunner Lindenn 2 years ago

    I have a playbook. It’s a nice tablet but the iPad is just a little bit
    better. I think it’s worth the extra 130 bucks

  • k2wrestling 2 years ago

    I pad mini and blackberry playbook are basicly the same the only diffrence
    is that the ipad has more apps and expensive and go in portrait mode that

  • Lee Phillips 2 years ago

    thx :~)

  • Greg Smith 2 years ago

    I really wanted to believe in the Playbook, bought one, used it for two
    days straight and was blown away at how clunky the software was. I already
    knew I was going head first into an ecosystem with no apps but I thought
    the browser would be the saving grace at the very least. Unfortunately it
    wasn’t. Hopefully BB10 on this thing will turn things up a notch…

  • JustDD 2 years ago

    Finally somebody agrees

  • vijay090 2 years ago

    and much more….it has multi tasking which no other tablet features!!

  • vijay090 2 years ago

    reboot it and try uninstalling from appstore

  • cheshahrokh 2 years ago

    iPad sucks for the price no

  • Hamza Hussain 2 years ago

    I usually watch these videos on my ipad, haha

  • cinadada 2 years ago

    dont forget play music and record at the same time! best feature

  • Anas Altinawi 2 years ago

    the playbook is the better choise but where is the apps on it

  • gold blinger 2 years ago

    Playbook is basically the best

  • Jesús Girón 2 years ago

    Blackberry its for Work and the Ipad Mini its to take pictures in Starbucks
    and upload in instagram

  • 0072sy 2 years ago

    I still prefer my PlayBook, youtube is great, HDMI out. There are plenty of
    apps for it, I’ve bought several hundred which enhance the device.

  • Frank Camuglia 2 years ago

    the playbook is fairly useless,

  • Cam e ron Cam e ron 2 years ago

    i like apple and blackberry but i like small tabs vs big ones so blackberry
    the way to go for me

  • JosEduardo G C 2 years ago

    Queria vender mi iPad 1 de 32gb para hacerme de un iPad min y no me habia
    dado cuenta que no se podría coger verticalmente. :S

  • rio ian pilapil 2 years ago

    guys what do you think what is the best ipad mini or blackberry playbook?
    because I m planning to buy a ipad mini or blackberry I dont know what is
    the best for me to buy ,because all of them are having a good spec thats
    why I need your oppions .. Thanks 🙂

  • cilliaxn 2 years ago

    getting a blackberry playbook this christmas! can’t wait!

  • JustDD 2 years ago

    Just, no.

  • joseph adam 2 years ago


  • Kelazh 2 years ago

    Apples 512mb of ram that’s shit and rim was slamming one gig 2years ago
    blackberry 10 will be add to all playbooks leaving apple and android os in
    a real crunch

  • Mauro Henrique 2 years ago

    Your tone of voice and hesitations made it a bit monotonous… well thank
    you for taking the time and going through all the differences. I honestly
    think the playbook is better and tend to have Apple in low consideration,
    but I felt you were just picking on the iPad mini… you were just mean on
    the bezzels and the grip. Biased opinions, very limited review… I had
    trouble getting to the end of the movie. Decided to give you some feedback

  • chenxagassi 2 years ago

    I have both. entertainment and fun capability: ipad mini hands down. Work
    and education wise: blackberry. blackberry doesn’t have enough apps to
    distract you from doing work and is a very basic tablet and pair it up with
    a blackberry phone is pretty much a workhorse powerhouse. but Fun and
    relaxation is ipad hands down

  • Lee Phillips 2 years ago

    I gotta admit, the Blackberry playbook has some high quality speakers
    compared to other tablets I’ve used. The browser as well is nice also
    considering it has full flash support making YouTube a breeze to watch in
    1080p HD. Don’t get me wrong I’m not hating the iPad, just saying what I
    prefer. Nice video.

  • Dave R 2 years ago

    Minis better than the PB in every way lol big surprise here

  • 0722Ralph 2 years ago

    I love my PlayBook. I would choose BB or Android any day over Apple. I also
    own an Acer Iconia tablet.

  • TheTCOLL 2 years ago

    Everyone agrees. Last quarter they only sold 100 000 vrs Apples 35 million.

  • Leonardo Lozano Martínez 2 years ago

    well i have a Playbook and actually it is pretty good tablet tho bad things
    is the BlackBerry OS it doesnt compare with google play google is better,
    blackberry got to improve his OS

  • Greg Smith 2 years ago

    I should have bought an iPad mini 🙁