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Pocketnow Daily shows: – Google Nexus 9 photo, Gear VR date, Apple sapphire & more – Pocketnow Daily – Google Nexus 6…

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  • Dennis Fluttershy 3 years ago

    wait… iMac uses Google Search, but Siri uses Bing…? uh…? (7:00)

  • Sochitta Sal 3 years ago

    I never got the point of tablets, question for anyone that owns one do you
    usually just use it at home or carry around with you? What are tablets
    really useful for besides consuming media? 

  • Hey Jaime your opinions are very well constructed congrats for that, I have
    a question for you, Are you mexican?
    Home that you answer.

  • Jonty Gamao 3 years ago

    My comment finally made it in! :D

  • Gerard W. 3 years ago

    Funny how many people like to make fun of Jaime’s name. For god sake,
    respect the pronunciation of different languages. It’s not as if English is

  • MCH GaMinG | Clash of Clans Base Builds 3 years ago

    I think im going to get the ipad air 2, becuase ipad mini 3 like wft! only
    upgrade is a finger sencor

  • omri ofek 3 years ago

    420 million speaks Spanish? i don’t think so.
    420 – 69 – ILLUMINATI – 1 – 420 = HALF LIFE 3. iphone 1.8 confirmed=
    swag- yolo- cheeky scrub lords = Justin Cyrus is ILLUMINATI.
    Justin Cyrus = gay and lesbian = weed, weed=420
    420 million spanish.
    does Jaime Riviera likes Justin Cyrus? no, all spanish dudes in the world=
    Jaime Riviera.
    420 = weed = Justin Cyrus , Jaime Riviera don’t like Justin Cyrus = no 420m
    you are a fucking LIAR sir.

  • Windsor Lim 3 years ago

    Ah Jaime. I caught you. Spanish is not the second most spoken in the world.
    Chinese has overtook that years ago. But… i am perfectly fine with your

  • Anthony Maiorani 3 years ago

    Somehow… My 3 year old iPhone 4s doesn’t have a scratch on it. It was my
    only phone and it didn’t have a screen protector and a non-protective
    charging case. I still use it now and pretty much drop out every day.

  • Broc Stefan 3 years ago

    the ipad and surface are both trash.. the Dell XPS kicks both in the pants.

  • MrOnlyforcommenting 3 years ago

    i might trade my tab 2 for nexus 9. i like how the nexus 9 has a 4:3 ratio
    . its much better than tablets with 16:9 because i do alot of document
    reading. i can forgo 16:9 altho its good for media consumption. 

  • yahia malkawi 3 years ago

    Cortana does turn on and off (wifi , Bluetooth , changes the brightness)

    Cortana is the best assistant ever made , anyone can’t find that google now
    I would say kinda alive its just does good stuff with search they don’t
    interact with you but , cortana does , asks you questions and tells so
    laughy and funny jokes

  • jas528 3 years ago

    Out of all hosts on PocketNow Daily, Jaime is my favourite. :D

  • Jali Hawkins 3 years ago

    Actually the other way around? You’re kidding me, right? Why get an iPad
    when I can get a full pc the same size?

  • John Edmonds 3 years ago

    Starting to put on some muscle mass man. 

  • Joshua Martinez 3 years ago

    I wanna see material design on Chromebooks… I believe it’s supposed to
    hit the Chrome OS as well. This way I can consider buying that over a

  • Surface Pro 3 is the best tablet out there. Exactly how a tablet should
    have been from the start.

  • Lurker 8675309 3 years ago

    dude, I LOVE your accent and how you pronounce your name.

  • Dennis Fluttershy 3 years ago

    I have never dropped a phone that made it break… (3:07)
    If someone would drop my phone, I would require* that person to pay for
    it… (3:09)

    *they can ignore that… but then I’ll ignore them… no friendship.

  • Harrison 3 years ago

    He said your dialect sounded weird to an American no one gives a fuck how
    many people speak Spanish there’s no need to be a condescending dickhead
    responding to him. Your voice is weird to an American, as Americans speak
    fucking English buddy.

  • vince chan 3 years ago

    get a tempered glass screen protector. Done 

  • Shaifudin Baruchah 3 years ago

    every product have their advantages and disadvantages. Apple can do
    something which Microsoft can’t. Google can do more than Apple, Microsoft
    can do more than Google. Its just depends which you wanna buy for what you
    need. I need the Surface Pro 3 for work. Need a Desktop for PC gaming.
    Either Nexus or Lumia for phone and the iPad just for tablet games.

  • Yu Zhou 3 years ago

    I have to say the second most spoken language is English. XD

  • Aditya Ravishankar 3 years ago

    Surface pro is truly a beast! Try it b4 commenting on it mr. Hymen

  • Marcus R. 3 years ago

    Surface better than iPad? If it is so, then why Microsoft is so desperate
    to offer $200 for your ipad so you get their MS stuff?. And why NFL guys
    are given Surface PCs to promote MS brands which they referred to them as
    iPads? Lol! Yes. Same reason why Microsoft greatest pain is still Apple! 

  • ashmeet goyal 3 years ago

    According to wikipedia spanish is the 5th widely spoken language not 2nd.
    Second language is french.

  • GrammerNazi7481 3 years ago

    What’s bing ???

  • Fede de Ugarriza 3 years ago

    These accent “jokes” need to stop. You look like ignorant fucks.

  • Filip Pesic 3 years ago

    You’ve been visiting jim I would say.. lol

  • iMiguelAOG 3 years ago

    The whole warranty vs case thing can be resolved and save our pockets by
    just getting a glass screen protector, and getting a skin, or thin case, or
    none at all for the back. Nilkin sells great quality glass screen
    protectors for under $15. Mine was $11