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Read more and comment: Earlier we looked at the hardware of the Nexus 10 and compared it to the Nexus…


Google Nexus 10



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  • Ayesha Hussain 3 years ago

    If you are a hardcore gamer, want a fast tablet, with tegra 3 buy the nexus
    7, way better than nexus 10, nexus 10 lags when playing games, and ,
    speakers are better in the nexus 7, the camera is better, is faster and a
    awesome tab, I have it 😛 

  • Tushar Gupta 3 years ago
  • Jimmy Gun 3 years ago
  • How do you view the quadrants and performance?

  • Graikos 3 years ago

    Another good one Joe. Thanks! I have both Tablets. If I am sitting I use
    the Nexus 10. If I’m moving around its the Nexus 7. Interestingly, I still
    prefer the Nexus 7. I have the XYboard 10.0 also. I really like that tab
    also. However it seems stumble along at times. I would love to see it get
    Jelly Bean. Lord knows, it did wonders for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Daniyal Adalli 3 years ago

    i dont see what you did there

  • Ravesh Dadalani 3 years ago

    Fuck me please

  • TheAL3X2000 3 years ago

    What’s wrong with asking for an apology? No I’m not new to it, I’ve used it
    for many years. That doesn’t mean I have to act all macho and tough and I
    don’t give a shit if I’m rude.

  • JMSVideoUnivCity 3 years ago

    Ads you can’t avoid are INFURIATING… and I don’t even watch the video,
    just move on.

  • Overated Power 3 years ago

    (N7 1280×800 vs (N10 2560×1600) Asus Nexus 7 has tegra 3 and it supports
    2560×1600 but not into the N7 device and the Samsung Nexus 10 has mali-t604
    that the device can handle 2560×1600 and is far superior than tegra 3 which
    t604 is equivalent to the playstation 3 and xbox 360 GPU

  • Garrett Ashketchum 3 years ago

    Now lets compare the prices. Nexus 7: $250 Nexus 10: $500 Hmmmm…

  • celine muscat 3 years ago

    dude your a giant big idiot the nexus 10 runs jelly bean 4.2 and android
    4.2 whats your problem did you read half of th info about the nexus 10?

  • TheCIScommander 3 years ago

    “Many people have complained about the cheap plasticy feel of the back of
    the Nexus 7”. By people, you mean Apple fanboys. The Nexus 7 has an
    excellent back that feels like leather. “many people have complained about
    the sharpness and color saturation on the Nexus 7” said no one ever.

  • Daumex 3 years ago

    You went full-retard mode…

  • razyelleyzar 3 years ago

    Stop trying to be funny….

  • therock7915 3 years ago

    you know nexus 10 uses 4.2 jelly bean

  • therock7915 3 years ago

    No the nexus 10 has a bigger screen, made by Samsung, has a better screen
    than the ipad 4 ( better than nexus 7), and has a better prossecer

  • jerome ley 3 years ago

    i’m getting a nexus 4 and 7, and i just got a note 2 for my birthday. i got
    an iphone 4 for my last years birthday, and i have a psp, i’ll sell both
    for a nexus 4, my mom got 250 dollars worth of gift certificate for getting
    a note 2 plan in japan. how can life get better????

  • Apostolis Tympakianakis 3 years ago

    very true!

  • NAJI HEIDARI 3 years ago

    honestly people buy nexus 7 for: it’s great size and fairly good components
    for the price 😀

  • HaohmaruHL 3 years ago

    in terms of quantity of apps in appstore, which is filled by simple-minded
    “change the voice” or other stupid crap for cats, yes it won’t indeed..

  • Terminigga 3 years ago

    nexus 10 is better

  • Carlos Raymond 3 years ago

    How old are you? are you old enough to use the internet?…

  • Luka Tomašević 3 years ago

    Thanks mate 🙂 Yeah i am from Croatia, may i guess the same for you? And
    yes, he really does sound/look like a kid..

  • ZackTheGeekXD 3 years ago

    Okay dear companies , no matter how many thousands tablet models you’re
    gonna launch , I just want u to know that u’re NEVER gonna beat the iPad .
    Cordially .

  • Timothy S 3 years ago

    That is the question 😉

  • RepliesNotReadByUser 3 years ago

    And why in the ABSOLUTE HELL would they put a fucking dual core on the 10
    with a quad core ALREADY on the 7?!!! smdh

  • Terminigga 3 years ago

    use proper metric system