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Links and full description below. Sometimes you pre-order a technology product and it doesn’t go as well as you’d like. Sometimes you talk about that rough pre-order process on a podcast episode,…

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  • Scozky Williams 2 years ago

    Funny guy

  • kam hagh 2 years ago

    ur too cool:D like ironman ur also look like ironman:D

  • Jershaun 2 years ago

    When you guys are doing the review, please point out if it’s possible to
    access your contact list when forwarding emails from gmail via bcc. Iow can
    we send group emails. I have 40+ friends that I send emails to but I can’t
    remember all of their addresses.

  • Li Heng 2 years ago

    Micheal, You Like Sheamus :DDD THUMBS UP SO EVERYONE CAN KNOW!!!

  • trump edup 2 years ago

    it has already had 10,000 views you idiot. that’s the whole point they make

  • Neha Rane 2 years ago

    I gt nexus delivered in 24hrs..exactly. Looking forward for detailed review.

  • bozotheclown9 2 years ago

    love the Lost reference haha

  • Unexpected Sensation 2 years ago

    why a dual core why no quad core

  • SolarStormWarning 2 years ago

    Funny, you never said what it actually was, just the model name. Guess
    that’s a given that its a note pad. Lol Keep In mind not every one knows
    its a note pad.

  • subreem 2 years ago

    you an idiot !!

  • Ivan Thomas 2 years ago

    its amazing I LOVE NEXUS 10

  • kam hagh 2 years ago


  • Pavel Tikhonov 2 years ago

    If you watched one of the Pocketnow Live – you’d see Michael appear in the
    Hangout with lights off and it looked like he was inside Iron Man suite lol
    So, yeah, he’s now Downey Jr. of Tech Industry 😀

  • Michiel Kalter 2 years ago

    really links your style of reviewing 😉

  • Joseph Cascio 2 years ago

    You can’t access the contact list, however if you just type in the first
    two letters of their name it shows a popup and auto-completes the email
    address when you tap on it.

  • Audiology 2 years ago

    It’s for people like me who can’t afford it but still get to feel the
    pleasure of unboxing.

  • Mi Nombre 2 years ago

    #EpicNewsReporter xD

  • dynamic21150 2 years ago

    Unboxing videos are cool, its for people like me who are going to get one
    that are infatuated with knowing EVERYTHING about it before we get it. With
    the Nexus10 being brand new on the market, videos are relatively scarce or
    comparing it to the iPad. dont care about the iPad! OK, I did care about
    the iPad4 until the Nexus10, now I can look elsewhere other than apple for
    a competitive tablet!

  • Brian E 2 years ago

    Nice unboxing. Btw, is that a sound proof room you’re in?

  • stephen estrada 2 years ago

    You guys should change the opening….those are old phones

  • markalexander1404 2 years ago

    I still prefer my nexus 7

  • magmasceptre 2 years ago

    Mystery Guitar Man!? Joe?!

  • Eli Whit 2 years ago

    Unboxings are so incredibly stupid. What the hells the point. Do you guys
    actually get paid for this?

  • Abhinav P 2 years ago

    ugly looking tablet

  • priyanshu sharma 2 years ago

    hey tony stark…please make jarvis do a review….

  • gladwin miguel 2 years ago

    Can’t go wrong with either phone. Both phones are beasts in their own
    respect. I owned both Samsung and HTC phones and although Samsung takes a
    different route at how their phones are put together it still feels like a
    high quality phone. HTC is known for their solid build quality and the dna
    carries that tradition.

  • Sulaiman Khan 2 years ago

    this guy is sooo gay

  • ps13215033 2 years ago

    can you put it side to side with the Xoom?

  • Sam Sproul 2 years ago

    great video!

  • salx101 2 years ago

    I’m intersted in the story 🙁

  • gnrsound77 2 years ago

    5:21 Micro HDMI port

  • connor burks 2 years ago


  • PingByte 2 years ago

    Perfect unboxing music theme:

  • Ahmadovich! 2 years ago

    This device is better than my iPad with Retina Display! 🙂

  • 김 재성 2 years ago

    Why Samsung doesn’t release this wonderful device? It says ‘Made in Korea’ !

  • Ivan Feoctistov 2 years ago

    Dharma Initiative… I want more LOST!!!

  • James Russo 2 years ago

    this guy is great. very straightforward

  • ComeAtMeBroForreal 2 years ago

    i got this for free:DD