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Today I do a hands on review of the Google Nexus 10 tablet made by Samsung. With Android 4.2, a Retina Display beating 2560×1600 screen and some of the best …


Google Nexus 10


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  • Mo' Millis 3 years ago

    *What Do You Think About The Google Nexus 10?*

    I’m thinking about getting a new Google #nexus10 tablet. I’ve never tried
    one out, or even know anyone who has a Google mobile device, so my hands on
    knowledge is way limited.
    I administer(subscribe) *Google Apps for Work* making me highly integrated
    with Google. I also use apps like #hootsuite , and recording software like
    #cubasis .
    I’m wondering how the Nexus 10 will handle these, and the likes of.

    **Any thoughts or opinions?*

  • Mo' Millis 3 years ago

    You have a really great speak over voice Austin. The device’s cons didn’t
    sound that bad at all! 😉 I’m thinking about getting one. Thanks for the
    great review man.

  • Austin Evans 3 years ago