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Video overview of some of the latest and greatest BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet games shown during the BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 General Session Keynote…

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  • GGBULLETz 2 years ago

    Not nova 2

  • awkwardandannoying 2 years ago

    there r many different reasons for this, but the most common reason is
    actually because there is a problem with the wifi router itself that needs
    to be fixed or it needs to be upgraded, also make sure that the time on the
    PB is synchronized with the network time. If the times r different, it
    could prevent the PB from connecting-so if connecting to the network
    requires a certificate to be installed on the PB and the certificate has an
    expiration date-If this does not work there r other solutions

  • happyally1 2 years ago

    not bad

  • mnrmyc 2 years ago

    you shouldhave more free apps on appworld :/

  • awkwardandannoying 2 years ago

    I would put a link but youtube wont let me post one

  • ccdemagician2 2 years ago

    I know the games in playbook can be amazing… but can someone make equally
    amazing games for free?

  • The Zaadu Bouncer 2 years ago

    @shashank609 even nova 2?

  • DerUserYT 2 years ago

    @meghannmariexx18 i think so.

  • MogrooT2 2 years ago

    how much for install a game in playbook?

  • قناة محمد خير الدعوية 2 years ago

    that is good

  • Nikhil Dev 2 years ago

    thanks bro

  • XtremeGaming123 2 years ago

    does this have angry birds???

  • angusandleigh 2 years ago

    @mnrmyc the thing is, the ones that do cost… don’t cost that much… I
    paid $10 for Dead Space, and NOVA HD is $7, and I think it might be on that
    App giveaway list… other than the $10 I spent on DS… I have spent on
    average of maybe $2 for the ones I do pay for….

  • rainbow20001000 2 years ago

    Kindle fire is better

  • Kuikli2 2 years ago

    @TheTryHardNOOB android, blackberry OS, and IOS are different, IOS is
    closed, android is free, and B os, colsed too.

  • Jefrey Rodas 2 years ago

    i habe samsung galaxy tab 2….. so much better!!!!

  • TheTigerTek 2 years ago

    Cut the rope is my fav game on my PlayBook. SIMS 3 is not bad Angry Bird is
    alright so 2010.

  • Mo Ka 2 years ago

    The thing is, most of these games are also available for the other tablets
    (iPad and Android). If you want to attract a good amount of gamers, you
    should make some high quality exclusive titles.

  • Jared Neal 2 years ago

    Keep it up blackberry, to support more gaming…you guys need to make the
    torch 9850 more media eccentric…bump the screen to maybe 4.3, give it a
    dual core processor, HDMI slot, 1080p video …entice more customers to

  • parabyte 2 years ago

    @XtremeGaming123 Yes. …and Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio.

  • MixteriousMan 2 years ago

    @wonderboyfarhan there the only two games i play on my playbook 😀

  • Camilo Mayor 2 years ago

    jo esta mañana me regalaron tableta blackberry playboock o yeah le comprare

  • Kuikli2 2 years ago

    @sjmb2002 i hate blackberry smartphone, not for the funcionality, is for
    the OS, and i now blackberry doesnt have a good year, but is a BIG company,
    so they can still live in the market for more years.

  • uzmarvel 2 years ago

    @rainbow20001000 ha ha. Dream on until your father buys you playbook for
    next christmas

  • Koos De La Rey 2 years ago


  • BlackCaptain12345 2 years ago

    I love PlayBookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Nikhil Dev 2 years ago

    bro there is a problem i bought the playbook but my wifi doesn’t work on it
    ??? and wifi on my fone is also not working….tell me if you know the
    solution of this problem thanks

  • Düşünen Adam 2 years ago

    You sure about ios and android games are installable on playbook? if so
    which games are instalable?