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Samsung is notorious for creating and releasing more devices than we can keep up with. And its tablet lineup is hardly any different. In the last three years, Samsung has created the Galaxy…


Google Nexus 10


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  • Ingrid Charles 2 years ago

    I own a tab 3 10.1 and it’s pretty good considering I got it in 2015 with
    a lot of update and even kit kat update

  • Lucas Nascimento 2 years ago

    The only problem about the Nexus 10 is its ugly design

  • Kitasenju2 2 years ago

    Hold on, you’re saying a device built in 2012 is better than a 2014 Samsung
    Note 10.1? That doesn’t stand to reason. Shouldn’t the newer device be
    better all across the board?

  • Kitasenju2 2 years ago

    Will a 2nd generation NEXUS 10 ever be released or is it extinct?

  • too much bezel on the the nexus 10.. waiting on a new nexus tab from
    google.. hurry up. 

  • Trey Hearon 2 years ago

    nexus 10 is better at gaming than tab 3 10.1….. it sucks at even running
    simple games like temple run, subway surfers, angry birds, etc

  • PRLatino22 2 years ago

    i want a tab for average use more for gaming like dead trigger 2. which of
    the three tabs would you guys recommend. the tab 2 or 3 from galaxy or
    nexus 10? i have an s4 and i dont wanna feel like im dropping in graphics
    and speed or display =/

  • Mark D 2 years ago

    Galaxy Note 10 cost to much
    Galaxy Tab 10 isnt good for gaming
    Nexus 10 looks like ****

    Why is it so hard to combine this 3.

    Updates from Google
    Performance Note
    Price Tab 

  • The Nexus 10 can compete with a tablet made over a year later? Whoa…

  • Henri Lebrun 2 years ago

    Glad I suck with nexus 10!

  • Vladislav Angelov 2 years ago

    Samsung is BETTER

  • @VladislavAngelov
    >Samsung is better

    Lol! Which one? Samsung galaxy tab or Samsung’s Nexus 10?

  • Pimpeczka Biedroneczka 2 years ago

    which one is better?

  • Presca From BC 2 years ago

    I was plunking around with different Samsung devices at Future Shop and
    found this was the most responsive and fast.

  • andronikos18 2 years ago

    This is a great video. Thank you

  • Eddy Soriano 2 years ago

    does the nexus10 have screen rotation?

  • AirbrushDGart 2 years ago

    you talk to much, but for a good reason :)

  • Nick Liburd 2 years ago

    Never mind thats the galaxy note tab *

  • Nick Liburd 2 years ago

    I thought the galaxy tab had a quad core processor? !

  • H1TMANactual 2 years ago

    Quit saying Tab 3 10.1 over and over again. Just say Galaxy

  • I would put my money on tab 3 if it had an additional 1gb of ram…

  • Elena Safronova 2 years ago
  • Domenico Signorile 2 years ago

    L’ottimizzazione dei prodotti Google non ha paragoni :P

  • 刘骏宇 2 years ago

    tab3 …cool as well..

  • David Hee 2 years ago

    Via +Pocketnow 

  • Todo Tablet Latino 2 years ago

    Comparativa en video realizada por Pocketnow de la Galaxy Tab 3 y el nuevo
    Nexus 7.2
    #Android #Nexus7

  • Veneno Reyes 2 years ago
  • Devon Alexander 2 years ago
  • Kristopher Michaels 2 years ago
  • SibaNL 2 years ago

    08:04 damn you YouTube

  • Ipad mini rules!!

  • justplaytf2247 2 years ago

    Holy shit I just realised how sick a nexus 7 is even up to date… 9000mah
    battery what the fuck?

  • bandkamp123 2 years ago

    so does the gtab

  • peter19220 2 years ago

    One is high-end and one is middle-end Nexus should be compared with iPad or
    Sony Tablet

  • Jake Mak Woon Chong 2 years ago

    The lag is just so noticeable.

  • E-Mann 2 years ago

    Some techies believe it’s the crazy high-resolution screen that makes it

  • alan armando contreras monroy 2 years ago

    hello 😀

  • Bilal Altınışık 2 years ago

    dude what are you doing with your devices? i am using nexus 10 too and
    anything what you use is laggy…. are you installing that many crap on
    your tablet?

  • Jose Benitez 2 years ago

    The Galaxy brand and there unimpressive specs. 5 galaxy tablets and none of
    them are good. Android tablet Nexus 10 or the toshiba excite pro with tegra
    4 and sick display. The galaxy lame same design tablets with crappy display
    and hardware.

  • Frosty Icing 2 years ago

    New Nexus 7 vs Nexus 10

  • Thomas Partida 2 years ago

    Great review. Thanks for the comparison.

  • Ben Rioga 2 years ago

    One of the best review videos I’ve seen on YouTube; I will now buy the
    Nexus 10 but I’m going to wait for the 2nd generation.

  • Deron Garrett 2 years ago

    That will be the thickest phone on market… A 32 megapixel camera+ A
    9000mah o my that will be like a phone from the 70’s!!