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Sony’s high-end, water resistant, and dust-proof tablet squares off with Samsung’s most intriguing and powerful tablet to date, the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edi…

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  • Orlando 3 years ago

    Note wins!

  • Leeroy G Murray 3 years ago


  • Konstantinos Nikolopoulos 3 years ago

    I owe an Xperia Tablet Z, everything is perfect, design, power, quality
    etc, BUT the Camera is really Bad, in fact the camera is so hideous that
    instead of 8.1megapixels, it has a 3.2megapixels camera… Galaxy Note is
    theoretically better mostly because of the specs, Still Xperia Tablet Z
    remains the slimmest lightest android tablet currently available. Ipad Air

  • fone dev 3 years ago

    Now i have a lg g3. I cant look at the Xperia tablet z display

  • fone dev 3 years ago

    Now i have a lg g3. I cant look at the Xperia tablet z display

  • Tapio Hämäläinen 3 years ago
  • Ibrahim Sanci 3 years ago

    please tell me which one is better and give me the reason because i am
    going to buy a tablet but i dont know which one is much better please help 

  • Adam W 3 years ago

    You should redo this with the new Xperia Tablet Z2

  • Micael Marques 3 years ago

    note for sure 

  • Michel 3 years ago

    Samsung has better specs because they released more tablets combined over
    the years, it’s crazy! But Sony kicks in nice with this tablet.

  • Filip Debef 3 years ago

    Xperia Tablet Z Owner: Note 2014 definitely has better display, you notice
    it e.g. when reading newspaper on tablet, chtacters are much sharper.
    Definite reason AGAINST Note are its hw keys, you cannot hold it in
    portrait mode without pressing it. And when you want to read newspaper,
    emails, write some discussions, I do this in portrait, obviously, I use my
    Xperia Tablet Z only in portrait. Note is tremendous piece of hw, but I
    will stay with my XTZ.

  • Stephen Han 3 years ago

    sony makes tablets? lol jkjk

  • Pablo Alejandro Rodríguez 3 years ago

    I have the Xperia Z, and I can only say that it’s awesome.

  • Mouhamed Chemiet 3 years ago

    The z2 well kill all and look how laggy the samsung was in vid sony take my

  • ooflajboo 3 years ago

    Xperia Z FTW!

  • Leonard Cherubim 3 years ago

    sony look good new one out now

  • rob link 3 years ago

    What is that game 2:01

  • OKb0y918 3 years ago

    Whats better for just like putting music on, taking pics an videos on, an
    internet surfing thanks!!!!!

  • TheKristianMods 3 years ago

    Xperia Tablet Z !!!

  • TheRTSPlayer 3 years ago

    I love the Xperia Tablet Z and seriously considered getting one. The only
    deal breaker was the SD4 processor. Oh Sony, you really disappointed me
    with that one. You should of waited and came out with a SD800. Luckily I am
    glad I waited. The new Xperia Tablet Z2 looks like a beast. Even thinner,
    lighter, and packing a SD801 w/3 GB of RAM!

    Don’t get me wrong. I criticize Samsung a lot, but that’s mostly aesthetics
    (both inside and out) but they really are a pioneer and for that I’m
    immeasurably grateful. They take risks with their products and they do
    things other companies won’t (phablets, smart watches, 1440p tablets, 3gb
    ram (probably going to be 1st with 4gb), curved displays, ultra thin
    bendable displays, s-pen integration, smart gestures; I mean the list goes
    on and on! I just hate that plastic… Sony does looks right, premium
    phones, premium tablets, laptops, desktops, tv’s, headphones, etc. They’re
    both definitely vying for my cash, and I’d be proud to own either. Just
    wish I could get Sony looks with Samsung features (and faster speed,
    Touchwiz still slows down the Note 10.1!)

    Either way, 2014-2015 will be an epic year for technology. Especially since
    bendable screens have just been noted as becoming cheap enough for mass

  • PrivatesPlay 3 years ago

    hello guys, i’m going to buy on of these, i want to use it @ my work which
    out my city so im gona use my mobile to get connected to the internet i
    guess, also i want to use it for movies and reading books, which one do u
    recommend for me???

  • missin me 3 years ago

    note is hilarious! 

  • Deo Heerai 3 years ago

    I have both tablets and the Galaxy Note is a BEAR to use. if you like
    complicated and techie gadgets the note is the winner.
    If you like easy to use devices that are mainly meant for entertainment
    Xperia wins hands down
    Final thought….Everyone is smitten with the Xperia EVERYONE ,especially
    women for its looks and are completely blown away so see you clean it under
    running water . The Galaxy Note usually gets a giant “Meh”

  • ibol13l3 3 years ago

    Xperia z tablet has done well for its age

  • ICOD73 3 years ago

    Maybe I will get the Note 10.1 afterall I am really tired of all those
    reviews of different tablets

    I want big screen for note writing which needs pen, viewing ebooks,
    powerpoint presentations, watching youtube videos and movies, some gaming,
    and I can’t wait for the new tablets to come out

    so I think this sums up to Note 10.1

  • marcus gibbs 3 years ago

    I recently purchased the galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition after doing quite a
    bit of research and I am very happy and totally satisfied with the
    performance of this tablet. Best decision.

  • Riaz Ahmad 3 years ago

    For a Tablet that is almost a year old and can still keep up with Samsung’s
    2014 tablet says a lot about how Sony creates there devices. If Sony were
    to make a tablet now I could bet all my money that is would be better than
    Samsung’s current tablet giving it the snapdragon 800 processor because
    although Samsung is only slightly better, you have to respect the fact that
    the Sony is 7-8 months older than the Samsung. So the point has to go to
    Sony as its lighter has more accurate colors on the display and is thinner
    than the Samsung tablet that was released not to long ago.

  • Mohammed Zayed 3 years ago

    I liked the xperia but i liked the note’s camera more than the xperia 

  • Steve Denney 3 years ago

    Xperia Z is a lot cheaper (£100 cheaper in the UK), and it also has now
    upgraded to Android 4.3 !
    I go for the Sony because of the much better build quality and it is
    waterproof (coffee spills etc), it’s a “No brainer” as they say

  • kirk Rampower 3 years ago

    Samsung 10.1 bigger better engine ;)

  • TheATTKGaming 3 years ago

    What is that music track used?

  • Nick B 3 years ago

    You forgot to mention the fact that you can use the PS3 controller wifi
    with the Tablet Z! That’s like the main reason I’m getting one! Psh, Bush