Added by on September 11, 2014 – Fujitsu Stylistic T904 Ultrabook Convertible in a short Hands On Demonstration at the Fujitsu Forum 2013 in Munich. Great 13.3 Inch Devic…

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  • Ali Sayfi 3 years ago

    can we remove the key board completely and use the tablet alone?

  • Elvis Manu 3 years ago

    I am very disappointed in this product. I bought one and it started giving
    problem from day one. The screen freezes often and blanks out. T904 is just
    flashy but very faulty…waste of money!

  • cdiddca 3 years ago

    the battery was locked with switch to the left

  • Lucas Wuthrich 3 years ago

    so the battery is removable, I take it?