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  • Richard S. 2 years ago

    the future looks bright

  • Andrew Ho 2 years ago

    hell, i wouldn’t be surprised.

  • RogerMayday 2 years ago

    “Very responsive!!” *Taps, nothing happens* >.>

  • user_123 2 years ago

    Engadget, don’t take the ratings personally. It is this hideous hybrid.

  • James J 2 years ago


  • Cameron Tu 2 years ago

    Too busy..

  • Alex Dardinski 2 years ago

    How is this a copy of a mac keyboard? Why so many dislikes? This looks cool.

  • Rani Hinnawi 2 years ago

    Haha I noticed. Apple’s only good for innovating and then suing people for
    copying ideas from them that were never really theirs

  • Rani Hinnawi 2 years ago

    Is anyone else getting bored of PC makers trying to copy Macbook keyboards?

  • 2low2rl 2 years ago

    Hands down the most awkward/ un-informative hands on ever. “well here it
    is……this is the left……this is the right….ok see you guys later”

  • Joshlul 2 years ago

    That’s irrelevant, it’s a laptop keyboard, this has been a common style for
    laptop keyboards for a long time.

  • Rani Hinnawi 2 years ago

    Really? Where were they first?

  • Tushar Kant Naik 2 years ago

    Good: Comes With Windows 8 & Bad: Running on Fujitsu Hardware

  • Rani Hinnawi 2 years ago

    Oh, okay. I’m expecting Apple to start suing anyway.

  • Joshlul 2 years ago

    Keyboards like that were around before Macbooks, it just happens to be a
    great type of keyboard for laptops, so a lot of companies, including Apple,
    use it. But they did not make it.

  • stevenge2 2 years ago

    Charles Krum, he developed the keyboard in one of its earliest stages,
    APPLE COPIED HIM!!! lol just joking, but most things apple makes is just a
    variant of things that are already made, just like this keyboard is a

  • Androgeek98 2 years ago


  • Andrew Ho 2 years ago

    it’s a chiclet style keyboard. nobody copied noone.

  • also1989 2 years ago

    is it me or this thing looks like a transformer?!?!?! (the M.Bay one, not
    ASUS’ !!)