Added by on August 23, 2014 – Fujitsu Stylistic M532 Tablet with Nvidia Tegra 3 10.1 Inch hands on. 499 Euro in May 2012.

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  • Georges Videos. 3 years ago

    @MovieGamesFun of ? does apple crappo run games like Tegra 3 ?

  • DaEpicMan 3 years ago


  • mmmays14 3 years ago

    tegra3 is on the riseeeee

  • MovieGamesFun 3 years ago

    another shitty clone, boring

  • iiiYEDDLEiii 3 years ago

    Apple products are mainly for dumb or rich (or both) people. And/or for
    those who want to be one of them. I had an iPad for a time and ever since
    other tablets are available i threw away the iPad. No offence, Apple has
    beautifull designs, but their system is so boring and barely
    customizable… and now seeing Fujitsu i am convinced i want it. I have a
    lot of things that are Fujitsu and all those pieces are working like the
    day 1 i got them, no problems ever.

  • airgear87 3 years ago

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  • reasonperson 3 years ago

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