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The Fujitsu Q702 is one of the best corporate tablet options available this year. The Q702 is a hybrid tablet with a removable keyboard dock. The tablet incl…

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  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    +Justin F I have been about to review that for some time, but things keep
    getting in the way! Look out for it soon hopefully along with T904…

  • YoTyrex 2 years ago

    Where i can get a free one for me ;3 ?

  • Justin F 2 years ago

    I’d love to see a you review the q704. It was the runner up to the SP3 for
    me (the rugged aspect appealed but the price lost out).

  • lachie Frankcomb 2 years ago

    :S i have this and its horrible

  • nerdgab291 2 years ago

    does this support Paint Tool SAI?

  • Azad Singh 2 years ago

    Will this good for uni ??

  • jose cruz 2 years ago

    Is this work for Physcians office EMR.Or wich one do you recomend

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    64 bit OS is standard on these, however the 4GB RAM is fixed. Lenovo have
    the Helix with 8Gb and l anticipate that Fujitsu would come out with
    something new in the near future. The Q702 keyboard is the only dock in
    this case. Unusual because Fujitsu are big on docks, but the Q702 keyboard
    does a reasonable job as a dock.

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your experience! The N-Trig pen that came with our Q702s
    here in Australia is the old style single button pen with the ugly and
    noisy tip. Perhaps that’s why I forgot to focus on it! The good news is
    that you can get the Fujitsu N-Trig 2 button pen with a much better tip.
    That is something that I might do a standalone video on. The other
    important thing you mention is on site warranty. The Q702 can actually be
    serviced on site unlike most of the new generation tablets.

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Thanks! It connects very early duplicate or extended desktop modes. I use a
    Toshiba dynadock to get 2 additional screens running from the tablet. Works

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    But hey, thanks for noticing!

  • emoindiechav 2 years ago

    no pen…

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Wow, I can’t believe that! Thanks for letting me know about the dock.
    Typical of Fujitsu to make a great product like that and bury it… I’m
    ordering stock as we speak! Thanks Chris.

  • Hugo Maceda 2 years ago

    can you do gamming on it

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Did I forget to show that? Yes, there is an N-Trig Active Digitizer Pen
    that comes with the tablet.

  • ICHRAM HUSSAIN 2 years ago

    AKA a lot.

  • Adam Kuhn 2 years ago

    I am finding that my corporate laptop desktops should now be configured
    with 8GB ram and x64 OS. Will this model accept 8GB? And is there a true
    corporate docking station or is the keyboard a quasi-docking station?

  • Chris Lambert 2 years ago

    Let us know how the dock works and if it works with the case attached!

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Deni, it depends on what country and what currency. Check with your local
    supplier. Here in Australia (and in Australian Dollars) they range between
    AUD$1400 and AUD$2500.

  • edmondov 2 years ago

    What is your take on Windows 8 failure? What do you not like about it?

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    They’re slipping. And at least I didn’t use the middle finger… I’m
    thinking about switching.

  • Chris Lambert 2 years ago

    They do have a dock (perfect for Business): “Use the optional docking
    cradle to easily convert your Stylistic Q702 Slate Tablet PC to a
    convenient desktop replacement solution. The docking cradle makes it easy
    to add USB peripherals, such as a printer, keyboard, scanner or external
    optical drive. The port replicator provides the following additional
    features: 3 USB 2.0 ports VGA port Ethernet RJ-45 port DC power jack
    Stability stand AC Adapter included”

  • michael forsythe 2 years ago

    If I got a nickel for each time he touched the middle of his glasses I’d me
    a billionaire

  • doc faisal 2 years ago

    Great review, except you did not show the excellent N-trig pen that comes
    with the Q702. I fully agree with you about being an excellent corporate
    tablet; may be due to the slightly higher price. But again, it came with a
    3-year on site warranty, which many corporate enterprise would welcome it.
    I have been using this unit since Feb 2013 and it beats all other tablets
    that I have used or reviewed.

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Adam, see comment from Chris Lambert above. There is a dock for the Q702,
    Fujitsu seemed to hide it away though. The only thing missing is the 8Gb or

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Will do. I suspect that it will, but if I can get the stock (not always a
    give here in Australia) I will confirm it.

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    You need to understand that here in Australia we pay around 40-60% premiums
    on products compared to other countries. Quoting our Australian dollar
    pricing (from $1700 – $2500) is pretty useless for most of our viewers who
    will assume that this is US pricing. I’ve not seen this product in the
    states, but imagine that it sells for between $1000 and $1700 depending on
    hardware chosen. Besides, if this is a question of value the astute viewer
    will realise that its value is far higher than the price.

  • Deni Rizkianto 2 years ago

    how much it…?

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    In terms of hybrids, I’d recommend this. If you need rugged and
    disinfect-able, then Motion F5t.

  • toan dang 2 years ago

    How much is it pls?

  • n00b wolf 2 years ago

    Looks pretty good. I’m looking to get a Windows 8 tablet pc for high school
    and this one seems like a possibility.

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Please check with your local supplier for pricing. In Australia, visit our
    website for pricing.

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    I don’t think Windows 8 is a failure at all… 80 Million copies sold by
    last month. It will take some getting used to, but to say it’s “steep
    learning curve” as many in the press do is just stupid. It’s really not
    that different to Windows 7. There’s some good things, some bad things and
    some great things (like touch support). But it’s no Vista, and it’s great
    on tablets like this one.

  • yloops1 2 years ago

    This is really really impressive. As s surface pro user who is loving my
    Device I wouldn’t change but the battery powered keyboard is useful

  • oztabletpc 2 years ago

    Please check your local supplier for pricing in your local market and

  • Makajezi 2 years ago

    great review!!! you could never go wrong with i5. how well does it connect
    to other larger monitors or projectors?