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The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 demo will assist you in knowing the features of and using your PlayBook.

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  • DIDI Taulany 2 years ago

    It’s so hard to be activating ! :'( 

  • treb magistrado 2 years ago

    +Genesis Dickson try restarting your tablet then do it all over again.

  • Genesis Dickson 2 years ago

    Im not seeing the country listing

  • Tarmizi Mizi 2 years ago

    I want free 😛

  • kickmeintwo123 2 years ago

    i did that but after all i hadwas just browser nothing else ,what do i do ?

  • gtas hawk 2 years ago

    im buying it now so there’s more to add from apps sooo yea

  • Diana Iglesias 2 years ago

    Finally, VPN is available on our BlackBerry devices. I am using solution
    provided by Superb VPN. It works great on my BlackBerry PlayBook. I managed
    to set it up quite easily and I now increased usability of this great

  • Alice Pearce 2 years ago

    @2:10 when you said “make sure your device is plugged in during
    configuration” do you mean plugging the playbook to the computer?

  • Emxii Delda 2 years ago

    what if my smart phone is not a blackberry? what will i do? please help.
    i’m too desperate TT.TT

  • Abbers Lowe 2 years ago

    I’ve bin trying to figure out what to do with this thanks!!

  • RUSfreekicks 2 years ago

    when i was in the agreement section and when i pressed on country it was

  • Cracked Crafter 2 years ago

    I did that but when it finished i only had browser and setup can some one
    help please