Added by on December 23, 2014 | Tablets sku: 34-099-001 Here’s an TEGRA NOTE 7 Tablet, made by EVGA. Model: 016-TN-0701-B1. Check out the video…

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  • Kal Kuma 2 years ago

    on newegg i c it’s 30$ cheaper than amazon it’s used or new??

  • xWiggleDeezRoots 2 years ago

    Just purchased mine off your website, gotta say, I’m pretty antsy. lol

  • MikeTheVike 2 years ago

    The bezel is way too big, they should either bring down the bezel size or
    increase display size. Right now it just looks kinda awkward to me.

  • XCodCreationsX 2 years ago

    Tablets are overrated

  • Linus TechTips 2 years ago

    yeah we need one of these to unbox, great review guys :)

  • Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez 2 years ago

    facetime… -1

  • Pingypoker 2 years ago

    +LinusTechTips lol

  • Toye Boy 2 years ago

    I bought one and its blazing fast

  • ZerueLX11 2 years ago

    OUT OF STOCK NEWEGG! I love supporting tegra technology though :3

  • klglange 2 years ago

    hm, seems like a good alternative to the nvidia shield. $50 cheaper :)

  • James Hampo 2 years ago

    +Linus TechTips I already have 50! Come round and stop at my crib! I will
    hook you up yeah at a good price! Innit!

  • AuntyM66 2 years ago


  • Joe G.P. 2 years ago

    i want it just for the front facing stereo speakers.
    let me know when they make a 10 inch version

  • MrMatte0000 2 years ago

    1 GB of RAM? What was EVGA thinking? if it had 2 GB I would for sure buy
    one of these over a Nexus 7. But come on , such a powerful chipset and such
    a low amount of RAM? Get real EVGA.

  • Derrick Goodman 2 years ago

    Darn guy’s, every time it’s available, in 24 hours or less it’s sold out. 

  • Austin Forbes 2 years ago

    FACETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! -1

  • chavez78900 2 years ago

    RIP Paul Walker also known as Brian

  • FreakingDuck 2 years ago

    An EVGA tablet? God…

  • FantasticHunter 2 years ago

    sold out dang

  • WeAreMovieMakers 2 years ago

    I didn’t know Kyle was Asian.

  • Prence 2 years ago

    This seems to be a nice tablet, but I would like to see some of the Nvidia
    shield functionality built into it. Not everything the shield can do, but
    streaming games from your PC maybe. I’d pay extra for that functionality.

  • Carlos Mackenzie 2 years ago

    Any idea of when it will be back in stock? 

  • Cust0mBuilder 2 years ago

    1gb of ram with a Tegra 4? haha get real EVGA.

  • Drew Peterson 2 years ago

    ur a tablet

  • loucash5 2 years ago

    Can you tell us how it works with Sketchbook pro app?

  • RVxAspret 2 years ago

    seems to me a nexus 7 killer…..just one flaws is ram….but i dont think
    it is that much flaw….coz 1600mhz ram….awsome…..kudos to EVGA

  • Alexey Kostovski 2 years ago

    Why is there no reply button under Linus’s comment?

  • kester ferguson 2 years ago

    hope you don’t miss the hole like that in the bed room