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EVGA Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Review – – Nvidia and its partners have launched an attractively priced 7-inch tablet with an Nvidia Tegr…

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  • Molocachino C 3 years ago

    The time of battery?

  • mo reno 3 years ago

    The microsoft surface pro 2 kills every other tablet

  • Rodrigo Bedoya 3 years ago

    excellent review, but the volume of your videos is still too low.

  • Hari Krishnan 3 years ago

    I heard that the screen has no GORILLA glass. So, will it get scratches on
    This is the factor that’s holding me back from buying it. (I’m really
    confused between this and the 2nd gen nexus 7). 

  • Michael Gregory 3 years ago

    Yeah volume is low 

  • K62346 G∆MiNG NATiON 3 years ago

    Nvida needa to make a portable handheld console where you can play pc
    games. Just like the shield but without streaming! That way you got pc
    games at your hands on the go