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Lisa Gade compares the Dell XPS 13 (2015) and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Check out our video review of the Dell XPS 13 (2015) at: Check out our…

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  • Corderral Lewis 2 years ago

    Another good video Lisa. I’m gonna get the Surface Pro 3 or 4 to replace my
    Sony VAIO Flip 14. I find that I don’t use the keyboard that often (40% of
    the time}. And since the VAIO division no longer exist i’d rather buy from

  • Jay Wash 2 years ago

    I just hate you can’t get to the 8gb ram option without going to $1299 on
    the Dell. The Matte 1080p with 8gb ram and 256 SSD capacity would be
    perfect at $1000

  • kme06d 2 years ago

    I had my heart set on the Surface Pro 3 and then Dell had to do this…I
    could care less about the pen and touchscreen on the surface. I really just
    want a small, light i5 laptop with great battery life. The Dell meets this
    need perfectly.

    Unfortunately, I had a really bad experience with their Studio 15 laptop
    and I have sworn off Dell products. My mom paid almost $2,000 (I know, she
    seriously overpaid) for my Studio 1558, Core i7, 4gb RAM as a college
    graduation present four years ago and that thing was bugged from the start.
    Display driver problems, two hard drives that died within two years,
    cracked hinge, overheating problems. It was just a mess. Then to top it
    off, Dell kept pressuring me to pay them every year to upkeep their
    warranty. I had to do it because their machine was just failing at every

    Has Dell fixed their products since then? 

  • iTechUOutGuy 2 years ago

    If I was in the market for a laptop without touchscreen, then that Dell XPS
    2015 model would be the one. But I like the convertible PCs that are
    laptops and tablets. I love my HP Envy x360 15.6 model. Its a laptop all
    the way, but then it flips over into a full tablet. But no one wants to
    carry a 15 inch tablet around. lol I also use my 2 in 1 Stylus pen. I just
    the Windows Journal and Microsoft OneNote to take notes for my classes. The
    only things I don’t like about it is the battery life and the trackpad on
    keyboard. so I bought the bluetooth HP mouse that works just like a mac
    track pad mouse. So now Im somewhat satisfied with my convertible PC. A lot
    of people that seen me using it in public say it looks real nice and they
    want mines. lol But yes, I love the HDMI port, the 3.0 USB ports, and the
    full SD card slot included. Now to me that was a huge plus. You can lose
    those micro SDs. So I have about 3 SD Adapters. lol Smart, right? But it
    has 1080P and I know probably this year 1080p will be become outdated since
    now there are 2K, 3K, 4K, and even 5K displays for PC monitors. But Im not
    worried on that. 1080p is good with movies and minor gaming. So, overall.
    These laptops are beastly! With 8GB of RAM and 750GB of Hard Drive and my
    SD cards and my 500GB external Hard Drive and my Cloud Drive accounts with
    Microsoft, Google, and Apple and Box and Dropbox. I am not the one
    complaining about storage and memory space. But great battle video!

  • dirky d3rk 2 years ago

    Another great video Lisa, I recently watched a video you made about the Hp
    Omen and i purchased that. Now for my productivity machine im looking at
    the surface pro 3 and the dell. Awesome comparison

  • MobileTechReview 2 years ago
  • Eric Johnson 2 years ago

    I have to say that I am very surprised on how well the Surface Pro
    performed against the Dell. Microsoft has done a quality job with the
    Surface. The Dell is the new hottest rig on the market, and the Surface
    performed at the same level as the Dell. I do think that this was not
    exactly apples to apples. The touch screen version of the Dell would have
    been closer. For example, you gave the screen quality to the Surface, but
    it is touch, has a high resolution, and the Dell has a Matte display at
    1920 X 1080. Even with the different aspect ration, the Surface is expected
    to win that category. Still, the Surface is a hell of a machine. Typing on
    my Surface Pro 3.

  • Andrew M-POstings 2 years ago

    Very useful comparison. I found the surface 3 audio with the external
    speakers disappointing compared to the iPad Air 2. How does the surface 3
    compare to the dell with decent earbuds? And how does the Dell audio
    compare to the iPad air 2?
    And for reading ebooks, like kindle, how does the Dell compare to the

  • Rafael Co 2 years ago

    The colours on the Surface Pro 3 is better.

  • YoSoySterling 2 years ago

    Dell’s new XPS 13 laptop totally changes things; other laptops and tablets
    bezel look outdated compared to the XPS 13’s bezel.

  • aratosm 2 years ago

    If you were able to get the Dell xps 13 3200×1800 display could you compare
    it to Macbook Pro Retina 13? 

  • If you could detach the screen on the dell and use it just like a tablet,
    it would pretty much perfect. For now, i’d take the surface pro still.

  • Kellythelegend 2 years ago

    Lisa always has the best of the best videos! She takes her time and she
    knows what she is talking about ! just awesome !

  • Lucien E 2 years ago

    64 GB space for Surface is not really an issue if you just buy a microSD
    card to extend that (and it will be hidden behind the kickstand). I don’t
    think disk space alone warrants buying the core i5 model (unless you want
    little bit extra power).

  • Aditya Ravishankar 2 years ago

    Hey.. Make a video of your thoughts on windows 10 and hololens

  • Daniel Revell 2 years ago

    Nice video, but when comparing directly, you start rattling off numbers.
    It’s a bit overload and useless. I could just as easily compare the spec
    sheets. What I like to know from your videos is what you think of it. So
    you could consider saying, this is a bit more chunky but not much in it,
    but I prefer the feel, it has more of a reassuring heft to it without
    feeling too heavy. For the most part great videos though.

  • SKANDaR0875 2 years ago

    Nice review, it helped me make a decision, the dell video colors looked
    washed off, so I end up buying the surface pro 3 (128) with student
    discount and I couldn’t be happier, it boots and turns off in 3 seconds,
    works seamlessly…I guess this is what happens when the OS developer makes
    the hardware for it! I find my self using it every day more than my ipad
    which I think I’m going to sell, I also use it as a desktop with my 27
    inches displays and it works great…thanks again great review.

  • aoola banania 2 years ago

    can you tell whats the best thin laptop and less thess yhan 600$ to buy

  • jeff willis 2 years ago

    Great review Lisa. Btw you look awesome in that red nike hoodie.

  • Mark Chan 2 years ago

    Lisa, thanks so much as always. 2014’s been a hell of a bad year for me so
    haven’t been posting comments much at all. But your thorough, well-informed
    and chirpy reviews are the best. Keep it up! Surface Pro 3 for me since end
    of 2014 and I use it every day… still Dell seems to be making a huge play
    for the top of the pack again. Good to see.

  • Michael Lewis 2 years ago

    I really like what Dell has done with the XPS and would consider getting
    one… but I’m still too in love with my Surface Pro 3.

  • burgo_1 2 years ago

    The XPS 13 has major config differences in regions like Australia. 

  • Chris Devine 2 years ago

    That Dell is seriously the nicest laptop I’ve ever seen.

  • JustinBieberFan90210 2 years ago

    See more detail on the Dell screen, look at the cliffs, also looks way less

  • Ahmed Balfaqih 2 years ago

    Thanks Lisa for yet another wonderful smackdown.
    I have the Surface Pro 3 and it was a review and a smackdown of yours that
    tilted my decision to get it. And I love it. I think Microsoft got it very
    right this time.
    A smackdown between the Dell and any similar HP model would be great. Thank

  • BenMJay 2 years ago

    excellent smack down! Thumbs up! 

  • gadget01 2 years ago

    Overall, excellent review/comparison- thank you. Please consider including
    the power connector as standard part of your reviews. Connecting and
    disconnecting this (sometimes inadvertently) is a major source of wear and
    why most laptops go in for motherboard repair. Most fail miserably at
    smartly executing this important feature. Apple’s MagSafe connector is a
    shining beacon of sense-making and it’s nice to see MS has followed suit
    with the Surface- a major selling point that few elect to highlight.

  • Aditya Ravishankar 2 years ago

    Finally a true competitor for surface pro 3. I would still get a sp3 for

  • Jose Reyes 2 years ago

    I’m saving up to buy a new machine for this year’s back to school but
    there’s So many great options to choose from. Currently my favorites are
    the Dell XPS 13″ touchsc, Lenovo tablet 2 13″ w/ Windows, and SP3. 

  • Anne Berghof 2 years ago

    Hey Lisa, are you going to do a smackdown on the XPS 13 (2015) and the
    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro? Can’t decide which one I’m gonna get. Both are just
    really nice devices!