Added by on November 26, 2014

Review of the Stylus for the Dell Venue Pro! This is the Active stylus that requires a AAAA battery and works on both the Dell Venue 11 and Venue 8 Pro serie…

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  • BHVampire 3 years ago

    Y U Not use Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI?

    You know what the Pressure Sentivie is? >.>

  • Eddie Jackson 3 years ago

    Pretty sad Dell’s high-end tablets are missing Wacom digitizers. Pretty
    much a deal breaker for me. Tisk tisk Dell.

    Dell Venue 11 Pro (128GB) $799.99??? No digitizer…just no, Dell. Just no.

  • madheavy 3 years ago

    I think you may be mistaken about the pressure sensitivity. Download the
    Sketchbook app from the Windows store. Also try out Fresh Paint. I think
    you will get palm block and pressure sensitivity. Thanks for the vid!

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  • pcmjedi 3 years ago

    It lasts longer if you unscrew the stylus to disconnect the battery after
    use. Some hardware problems caused by the pen not turning off