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Review of the Dell Venue 11 Pro Slim Keyboard. This is a re-review to take into account the different locking mechanisms of the Slim Keyboard!

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  • Ankit Guliani 2 years ago

    Hello. When you did your video on jailbreaking the windows surface rt.
    Well, i think i have either that or a surface rt 2 maybe pro i’m not sure.
    i tried doing what u said but when i hit “r” say yes and such, it has an
    error and doesn’t continue. What should i do?

  • Ken Checkeye 2 years ago

    Nice review, any chance you can review the portable keyboard from dell on
    the Venue Pro 11?

  • Windows RT Review 2 years ago
  • poeli1 2 years ago

    nice, thanks

  • RumblingBob 2 years ago

    Could you review the Asus VivoTab Note 8?

  • Cameron Douglas 2 years ago

    How well does the stand and keyboard work in you lap? I am interested
    because I plan on using it to type while traveling in a car. 

  • Adam Vaughn 2 years ago

    The Slim Keyboard is unreliable. I am on my second one and neither one of
    them work reliably. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. I can’t
    find a logical reason for why it works or why it sometimes stops working. I
    tried to return it and get the other keyboard, but Dell wouldn’t let me
    because it had been over 30 days. What is really cool is that I ordered the
    tablet and the keyboard at the same time. The keyboard came two weeks
    before the tablet. I was on the phone with Dell tech support on the first
    day the tablet came in to work on this issue. After two weeks and 5
    conversations with the tech, I frustrated and gave up, but alas, they still
    would not let me return it. DO NOT RELY ON THIS KEYBOARD, IT WILL LET YOU
    DOWN. Dell should be ashamed. I have updated my drivers and reinstalled
    everything on the tablet back to factory defaults. Nothing I have done or
    that the techs have done have made this keyboard reliable. I have been a
    happy Dell user for many years, but this keyboard is an epic fail. BUYER

  • Flea7000 2 years ago

    nice review, but what happens if you try to flip the keyboard 180° around
    to the back to use the venue only as a tablet? do the keys continue working
    or is it smart enough to disable them? does it lock the tablet into
    landscape mode? if yes, can that be changed somehow? thanks!

  • Justin Chan 2 years ago

    if surface pro 2 was as cheapas asus t100, it would be the ebst windows 8
    tablet on Earth!