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BlackBerry Playbook Review Research in Motion’s (RIM) First BlackBerry tablet reviewed by Jon Rettinger of TechnoBuffalo For the latest tech news and reviews…

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  • Ruben van Dreumel 3 years ago

    Much better then all of the blackberry phones…

  • Daniel 3 years ago

    @sk8rBilly456 Yep 🙂

  • drgoodman8 3 years ago

    where do you get music and games from

  • halohowru 3 years ago

    Frustration Videos are not sorted with folders Cannot crop, edit, rotate
    photos Free apss from android is not free in blackberry Games and apps are

  • 18sacky 3 years ago

    Is this better than a htc flyer or galaxy tab?

  • You can use skype trought imo for now.

  • ReviewManism 3 years ago

    16gb you’re not gonna need more

  • kraniumguy 3 years ago

    @awkwardandannoying It’s more of a tactile response issue. If they made it
    more clicky then it wouldn’t turn off as easily and would be a lot better.
    Also if it stuck out just a tiny bit it would be easier to feel for.

  • bittersweetlie 3 years ago

    much better than the ipad (y)

  • DwntW0rry 3 years ago

    not exactly Skype but this program called +im or something like that and
    its basically skype

  • TheRaineStorm 3 years ago

    @TheBigAppleNYC Got my first BB phone back in october, gotta say I think
    it’s worth it. Hope you will find that to be true as well!

  • dredrejaime 3 years ago

    @Br0wnGuy26 with. With the new software update. You can do it!!

  • MrWhopit 3 years ago

    Copy + Paste is like on Opera Mini

  • Zim Zam 3 years ago

    can you download things from the internet onto the Blackberry Playbook?!

  • NeverEnviousHenry 3 years ago

    Ok thanks.

  • Pheasinator 3 years ago


  • jack5001ful 3 years ago

    Stop moving away from the damn mic can bearly hear you

  • Silver The Hedgehog 3 years ago


  • Riley Tebbetts 3 years ago

    How do you like it. I think I have just enough money to get it as used like
    new. I have 122. But so far is it going good? Also can I put itunes content
    onto it somehow or no?

  • patsybob 3 years ago

    The sad part is the fact they need android apps for the playbook. Its like
    if iOS apps came to android. It’s sort of belittles the point of getting an
    apple product.

  • Tye Gruber 3 years ago

    should i get a 16 32 or 64 if i want movies on it with games

  • Jake DunthorneVEVO 3 years ago

    Getting one for my bday is it worth it ?? Because there on offer in currys
    (England) for really cheep

  • nameshamebaddrivers 3 years ago

    Kinda sad people who dont know yet that they,ve halved the price this
    week…Ebay seller beware!!

  • Night Man 3 years ago

    can you download the amazon app store from the website like you can on the
    nexus 7. I had about 6gb’s of games on my now broken kindle fire.

  • broccolihart71 3 years ago

    I just bought one from my supervisor at work….this is very well built and
    the speakers are some of the best I’ve heard on a 7″ tab…..they’re on the
    bezel!!!! Sweet

  • le2opoldo 3 years ago


  • Graeme Cuizon 3 years ago

    is there a gift card for the app store for this ??? sort of like a itunes
    gift card alternative.

  • supremewafflelord 3 years ago

    16 gb at future shop for 150 until september 6th :p

  • FAZZER8 3 years ago

    I am getting the blackberry playbook (32GB) today, can’t wait!!!!

  • Connor Moore 3 years ago

    It is here and I like it but the apps are shit for it and I find myself
    bored on it sometimes, the biggest let down was not being able to run
    Netflix on it 🙁

  • Swarit Sharma 3 years ago

    watched your unboxing, review & comparison. I am going to buy it next week.
    In India, its the best & the most affordable tablet ever launched.

  • Shane Hampton 3 years ago

    $199 – 16gb $249 – 32gb $299 – 64gb