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My full review of the Blackberry Playbook. Useful Links Sponsor: YouTube Channel: My other Channe…

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  • Mindaugas Butkevicius 2 years ago

    Video and review is great…. But cmon man… what’s with dirty nails??
    Clip and clean then when making video at least..

  • Gerard Brousseau 2 years ago

    I can believe that piece of junk still around !

  • This rubbish is still around??? Just get other berry not blackberry they
    really suck…

  • 362coolcat 2 years ago

    how much does a blackberry playbook cost??

  • steve wilson 2 years ago

    bought mine based on your review, you were spot on, £119 for a 32GB
    amazing value for money.

  • mikeyduncanxx1 2 years ago

    I was going to buy the Modern Warfare 3 Xbox or this. I dont know what to
    choose. I already have the 250GB Xbox. & my laptops broke so I was maybe
    going to buy this for a little computer. But i heard it crashes. & The
    scrolling looks choppy????

  • joey willms 2 years ago

    it doesnt do skype

  • walter white 2 years ago

    thank you so much for posting this veeeeeeeeeeery useful!

  • Erick Moreno Cohetero 2 years ago

    mine dosent charge

  • JIMMIE C 2 years ago

    What is better? The Playbook or I pad? And why…..

  • Ashraf Patel 2 years ago

    you need bb phone with bbm enabled

  • rurounisophia 2 years ago

    @bosanaczauvjek samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 looks best for things like
    powerpoint, office, and excel

  • TheP60or 2 years ago

    dose it have an auido jack

  • Elisha Murphy 2 years ago

    no affence but I hate my blackberry there are no good apps I wud love an
    ipad xxxx

  • torirox9475 2 years ago

    It has some android apps and more getting transferred over

  • Geekanoids 2 years ago

    No difference.

  • Luke Cryer 2 years ago

    should i buy the 16gb ipad 2 for £400 or 16gb balckberry playbook for £170?
    im 12 and have £420 to spend.

  • BULLYING STOPS HERE! 2 years ago

    Does the front camera use for video chat and Skype and stuff like that

  • mandeep sangroya 2 years ago

    How can I download an antiviral in playbook

  • Reece Pearn 2 years ago

    if you get the actual Facebook/Twitter app does it still run on the browser
    or hae a seperate thing all together like on iphones?

  • Luke Cryer 2 years ago

    @jellymnbvcxz thanks

  • TheBleedingFace 2 years ago

    Brilliant video and very informative. Im going to get myself one! Thanks!

  • Tom2736 2 years ago

    The Playbook is dead!

  • JustBerard 2 years ago

    im buying one next week, i just found out i can play android games on it
    and that sold it for me

  • Rebecca Chahley 2 years ago

    Can You Lock It

  • Glumble 2 years ago

    Excellent review, thanks.

  • jack flell 2 years ago

    yes you can

  • iluvmobilephones 2 years ago

    No, it doesn’t.

  • mikeyduncanxx1 2 years ago

    Hello Dave. Can you please tell me. Im from England. I was going to buy the
    playbook this Saturday for £249. Is it worth getting? Please comment and
    tell me before Saturday.

  • MrT9alizee 2 years ago the best reviewer you will find,speaks honestly in basic terms to
    give a jargon free honest review,fantastic

  • Geekanoids 2 years ago

    @TheP60or Yes.

  • Amelia Mckeever 2 years ago

    When your on a website on the internet with pictures can you save them to
    your device?

  • TAYLOR13961 . 2 years ago

    Just do a fucking skype call test with blackberry playbook

  • DJSayers92 2 years ago

    When you had your website open and then opened twitter in the browser, how
    do you manage multiple tabs?

  • jellymnbvcxz 2 years ago

    @MrJoffer123 I would personals never buy apple products (they are over
    priced and have less features) except the occasional mac 🙂 I would go for
    the sony tablet s1 or the playbook (if you need portability) Hope this