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Check out our exclusive up close and personal demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with RIM’s Julian Dolce, Platform Lead of the QNX team.

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  • Mauro Carneiro 3 years ago

    falou falou e não mostrou nada. not show anything. 🙁

  • godoter 3 years ago

    Register and vote for Playbook to have its own forum on xda as first step
    to interest devs to make a dual boot proper full-on Android on it:

  • Paul Edwards 3 years ago

    well,I have heard both the 17th and 21st mentioned. not march we will have
    to wait and see!!!!!

  • MrKrondike 3 years ago

    so it dont have a browser ?

  • Vlashbang 3 years ago

    1 question: I am maybe going to buy this tablet but I use Microsoft OneNote
    as well.. Is there an app for OneNote on BB OS?

  • kingtim3rd 3 years ago

    i have one infact im comenting right now with it dude the
    blackberryplaybook tablet is freaking awsome

  • Roshal Robince 3 years ago

    @battlingzombies you swipe down from the top of your Bessel in your images
    and hit set wallpaper

  • Liv Cole 3 years ago

    Also, another question, does the Blackberry Playbook have BBM (Blackberry

  • Kyle Cordiano 3 years ago

    You are correct. The browser on the playbook is ridiculously fast even with
    flash enabled.

  • TheOfficialSexGod 3 years ago

    “BETER”? You have just demonstrated the average intellect of a playbook

  • Kenneth Gabriel 3 years ago

    @KittyChickenGaming Where are you getting those from for 299.99?

  • MrAMColes 3 years ago

    @iri1shman86 no, you don’t pay a monthly charge.

  • jerseyman9080 3 years ago

    @SamuelSGBailey That is cool, let me know how do you like your playbook. I
    will get mine on Tuesday 🙂

  • SoulBrutha66 3 years ago

    Why does your playbook look different than mine? Did you download some type
    of thing to customize yours?

  • Ahmad Afham 3 years ago

    @LivvyColey other than wifi, no. again, unless u have a blackberry
    smartphone (assuming u have data plan) and tether it with your playbook..
    there is no slot for 3g data.. either wifi or tether with bb smartphone.

  • robert anderson 3 years ago

    for blackberry playbook apps check out my vids!

  • RawrBuddiesInc 3 years ago

    i love being able to play yoville

  • Paul Edwards 3 years ago

    I think this device is amazing. We just spent a very happy afternoon
    watching youtube HD on my main flatscreen TV via BB PB – AMAZING PICTURE
    QUALITY! We were all gobsmacked with the pic quality from such a small
    device – real HD – and NO buffering problems with the broadband whatsoever!
    And of course we also surfed the net in between, played some music off it
    and watched some vids I had downloaded onto PB. Very happy , cant wait for
    OS 2.0 Update (plse)

  • PoliteTia 3 years ago

    I bought the BlackBerry Play Book for my 9 year old niece. I own an Asus
    Transformer. The User interface on the Play Book is trying at best. The App
    Store for the BB pales when compared to Apple and Asus. Even the Archos, a
    piece of junk, app store blows BB out the water This is definitely geared
    for adults. The apps are not geared for children in at the elementary level
    PS my niece loves it!

  • Ahmad Afham 3 years ago

    @LivvyColey no, unless u have a blackberry smartphone, tether with
    playbook, then u can bbm

  • Samuel Bailey 3 years ago

    @jerseyman9080 i’m from the UK after having a full demo i was willing to
    buy a 16gb for £300 and i was delighted to find the price at £169 so for me
    it was a bargin 🙂

  • Subaru Takamaru 3 years ago

    @IBG67 hahahaha

  • rodsam09 3 years ago

    @777haileebug Yes

  • Ray Tony 3 years ago

    @MichaelNicJackson $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, and $699 for 64GB

  • Mychelonn 3 years ago

    @MrJeckel Really cheap, i will buy a bbpb 😀

  • dubboii 3 years ago

    the app world sucks!

  • MrDcniall 3 years ago

    Having used one of these in a shop I disagree. This thing blew me away! It
    has a nice solid and rubber feel to it, and its UI is miles ahead of iOS
    and Android! All Android and iOS have is a large user base, and this is
    sure to win many people over. A game changer at least

  • Vlashbang 3 years ago

    @sainira2 Is it compatible with Onenote?

  • MultiTalentedFilms 3 years ago

    @LivvyColey Sorry also another thing is that ive heard the playbook is
    really useful if you have a blackberry phone. Not sure what you can do
    though ive just heard that.

  • AngryBirdKill3r 3 years ago

    i have a black berry playbook (NOT LYING)

  • Chrisg 3 years ago

    @777halieebug that is a dumb question.I’m sorry but playbook doesnt compare
    to galaxy tab.the android app market alone eats that playbook’s lunch. Go
    with galaxy tab… Trust one can compete with apple and android.

  • fuzzjunky 3 years ago

    i’ve been trying for 3 hours to connect this piece of shit to my computer
    and i feel like throwing this piece of shit in the bin

  • Alex Singh 3 years ago

    The playbook is better than the ipad!!!

  • AsmaalJroudi 3 years ago

    could i use it as a graphic tablet ?

  • Syed Ali Abid 3 years ago

    can we use skype on this tablet

  • thomas rushton 3 years ago

    yes, of corse it has a browser, and im not jokin. i aint gettin payed to
    say this but the blackberry playbook is better and faster then the ipad 2!
    trust me, ive go one

  • Fergie x 3 years ago

    im confused can u use this anywhere u go like on a train bus wherever or
    only on wifi in ur house?

  • thoughts5count 3 years ago

  • hockeyplayingkid 3 years ago

    Please help.I want to buy playbook but i heard alot about week wifi signal
    can someone tell me if thats true and how is the wifi signal?

  • knightmare343x 3 years ago

    Can it download files and then access them. For example, if I wanted to go
    to my uni’s website, download a lecture in pdf and view it whenever I want,
    can I do it?

  • MultiTalentedFilms 3 years ago

    @LivvyColey And also the features that the iPad lacks at the moment may be
    included with an update or in the iPad 3.

  • dubboii 3 years ago

    @PoliteTia yeah it really. Is an issue that Should be addressed

  • iri1shman86 3 years ago

    Is it true that you have to pay a monthly plan for the blackberry and other
    cell carrier tablets? Im curious because I got my dad the playbook for xmas
    and someone told me you have to pay a monthly fee for the tablets that are
    carried by cell phone companies?

  • Michael Wu 3 years ago

    i don’t see why everyone has to bring up the ipad in every single tablet
    video. o.O apple fanboys need to calm down, and people need to stop hating
    on the ipad. the ipad may look like a big ipod, but it handles very
    differently. the apps and the logistics of the devices work very
    differently. also, the ipod touch is arguably the best mp3 player
    available. so..i don’t see how being a big ipod touch is bad either.

  • LICKOME1989 3 years ago

    i have may blackberry playbook but i forgot my password please anyone help
    me how to reset my blackberry ID and Password thanks

  • Anurag Nandi 3 years ago

    and what about skype for playbook . and blackberry 10 ?? will the update
    come ?

  • MrJeckel 3 years ago

    … 199$ for the 16gb version right now…