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  • bailamarinera 3 years ago

    what does it mean if we dont hear the snapshot sound??

  • channel48 3 years ago

    Heyy your filming with the everio jav camera i have the same lol

  • Ian Campbell 3 years ago

    This also works on the new Passport.

  • Ty Fischer 3 years ago

    Oh my god youre a saviour 🙂 thank you very much

  • Dennis Saunders 3 years ago

    Great…thanks a lot Jesse.

  • TheGaming Wolf 3 years ago

    IF YOU DONT HELP ME ITS GOING TO BE 4 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gonzalo Gonzalez 3 years ago

    for error 4003?

  • danny f 3 years ago

    thanks for the help WORKS GREAT

  • TheGaming Wolf 3 years ago


  • oyewale felix 3 years ago

    thanks man,it works,appreciate it

  • mcpoeth 3 years ago

    It worked for me! Thanks a lot!

  • TheGaming Wolf 3 years ago


  • Bob Ross 3 years ago

    does this delete my data

  • AlexTheGreat 3 years ago

    This is the reason why I love the interweb – Thanks Jesse! From Florida I
    was able to help an elderly family member in Jersey (who has no internet)
    restart her Playbook over the phone while watching your video. All is now
    right in the universe. 

  • Nadia Nguyen 3 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Glenda Perez 3 years ago

    no se carga :/ ayudame porfavor :(

  • Matthew Charlery-Smith 3 years ago

    My plus volume button doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  • Kook Dean 3 years ago

    Thank you – it worked.

  • Connor Shipton 3 years ago

    Thanks for your help Jesse!

  • Thomas Harfouche 3 years ago

    Worked for me, thanks Jesse 

  • Ciera. Yungen 3 years ago

    It worked, thank you very much.!

  • Harri Rowe 3 years ago

    Thanks so much!!

  • Hans Godbout 3 years ago

    thank you very much

  • Jay Blackheart 3 years ago

    Thanks for your help Jesse, Actually just had this problem with mine a
    couple of mins ago for the first time… Is theres a known reason why it
    does that?

  • andrew lost 3 years ago

    i overused my playbook..n coudnt charge in time so it just shut off…then
    i tried to charging indicated.then i went through alot of vids
    on youtube and tried stack charging..well the red light blinks for about 10
    seconds..then the battery sign comes(battry with red border..empty)then
    there is a yellow light(not 5x flashing yellow a long about 6
    sec). Then yellow light same interval of time..leave it for 30
    mins the playbook boots and opens..the battery doesnot is at
    0%…when i unplug the charger playbook shuts off..cant figure out what to
    do..any help :)

  • Brooke S 3 years ago

    Just had this issue and saw your video to help me get the screen back. It
    worked! Thank you for the help!

  • AlexTheGreat 3 years ago

    This is the reason why I love the interweb – Thanks Jesse! From Florida I
    was able to help an elderly family member in Jersey (who has no internet)
    restart her Playbook over the phone while watching your video. All is now
    right in the universe. 

  • valeria loor 3 years ago

    i did this for like 6 times n it wont turn on, and it dosent even make the
    snap shot sound!! please help

  • Peter Cobian 3 years ago

    Ok mine is doing the same thing but on ur video u show and said to press
    the power button and the volume buttons at the same time but my tqblet
    still dont do nothimg can you please help me. 

  • Alexandre Assis 3 years ago

    my screen frozen! I’ve can’t put my password!

  • GEE MONEY 3 years ago

    my problem was, it freezes during shut down but this completed the shut
    down for a restart. the last time it happened I waited 4 days for the
    battery to run down, charge and restart.

  • Steven Cydel Buenaflor 3 years ago

    I have the same problem but just a little bit different. When i push the
    back of my playbook towards the screen it blacks out or when its hot. Then
    if my playbook is off and i plug the charger (it begins to charge) when i
    try to turn it on sometimes the back light is on but there is nothing
    showing on the screen or the color doesn’t look right. Any idea how to fix

  • Diagmy Nuñez 3 years ago

    I almost got a heart attack because it didn’t turn on hahaha but this
    helped me! Thanks a lot Jesse :))

  • Lavallst Jordan 3 years ago

    thanks thanks thanks I was about to get my but kicked
    for my mom

  • GEE MONEY 3 years ago

    Thank you so much, almost bought a new tablet

  • jenny seibert 3 years ago

    it wont work for me :(

  • lorenzo Dimson 3 years ago

    That thing you did is not working on your black berry palybook but its just
    the same

  • Janice Musimwa 3 years ago

    does this work on phones also?

  • luffy 3 years ago

    but my problem is a little different I hope somebody could just help me
    here. my playbook only shows a charging sign but nor does it charge or
    comes on…….. PLEASE HELP

  • Charlie van der Linde 3 years ago

    Margarita, The error 4003 is usually a hardware issue, you can call
    BlackBerry for support or you can make it yourself by trying to reload the
    device software (This will wipe the PlayBook) Make sure to back it up
    first! 😀 If the device still doesn’t let you use the camera after that…
    then you’ll have to send it for repair ( if you are still under warranty
    with BlackBerry). Good luck!

  • Ritesh Raval 3 years ago

    I have a blackberry playbook
    The problem is that I am charging it with my normal playbook charger but
    its not getting charged..!!
    When i connect charger red light coming but within 10 seccond it off &
    fleshing yellow light for 5 second, after all light stop..
    What its meaning……..?????
    What can i do….

  • taifmaan1 3 years ago

    what if someone forgot his password??

  • Vineeth Kumar 3 years ago

    hi , can u upload a video how to select country . In the agreement page at
    first while opening the playbook it dosent show the list of countries ,
    can u find a solution pls pls pls 

  • JOMAR ALVES 3 years ago

    TKS ….Save my life….

  • Azazel ciort 3 years ago

    NOVO 10 Hero black screen Android afer 3 days . I still try fix it =(

  • sb8474 3 years ago

    i tried that a million times and i still have the black screen of death. i
    can actually see the playbook is on but the screen is so dark i have to use
    a flashlight. piece of crap!

  • pasaway maasin 3 years ago

    jesse. i need your help…i had a blackberry problem is when i
    take picture there’s a message appear in the screen (error.4003 picture)
    how to fix that? thank you…

  • kenwilliams982 3 years ago

    Well god damm my man I had a totally dead 64g playbook!!! No light no
    charge no nowt. Held in all the buttons like you said, then plugged in the
    charger an hey presto!!! Just beautiful man. Thanks so much.

  • Detari Muso 3 years ago

    Thank you sooooooo much!

  • Ewelina Sroka 3 years ago

    Thanks men that happend to me and I gave it back to shop I have to get it