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Video demonstration comparing BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad tablets in terms of browser speed, Adobe Flash support and HTML5 performance.

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  • Acesonnall 3 years ago

    Apple is a extremely popular company so dont talk about sales. Apple
    products usually suck anyway compared to other products. I don’t think
    you’ve ever owned a PlayBook. If you did, you’d regret that comment.

  • jack5001ful 3 years ago

    what does that mean? o wait nothing

  • nastythomashobbs 3 years ago

    i look at all three devices and the samsung just looks cool. the ipdad
    looks clean cut and bmw like in design(i have owned 3 bimmers). the samsung
    is like my acura TL(2005). Still miss that TL. Bimmer was amazing to drive
    but a boring interior. RIMM reminds me of VW. trying to combine both at a
    good price. Almost bought a VW lats time. Went for a volvo xc60. Went for
    looks again. Last time as the lack of a good navi is a drag. VW is on my
    wish list. So should playbook be for tablet users.

  • Kompulsa 3 years ago

    @brigg498 The iPad has a bigger screen, and it is not appropriate to
    compare a 7 inch tablet to a 10 inch, but there are many 10 inch tablets
    that are better than the iPad, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab (expandable),
    Toshiba Thrive (expandable, user replaceable battery, full sized USB port
    that supports USB drives, full sized HDMI port), Asus Transformer with a
    dock, and even with the dock it is still cheaper and has everything the
    iPad does. All the other tablets are cheaper.

  • James Christian 3 years ago

    iPad is much better

  • Matthies Th 3 years ago

    this is the iPad 1, right? but i think the iPad 3 is still not better than
    the playbook

  • westwater73 3 years ago

    My playbook is faster than my Sony vaio and that’s running an i7 quad core

  • BeautifulWings1011 3 years ago

    It could be to appeal to more younger people, a new look for the company?
    Not being so business oriented? Yes the apps on the iPhone are better; but
    most people who use iPhone ONLY ever comment saying “Get an iPhone, they
    have loads of apps” Not a great argument. I’ve used both BB and iPhone –
    But something keeps taking me back to BB.

  • Tim Giangiobbe 3 years ago

    Gee weren’t we reviewing tablets? BlackBerry doesn’t have a pickup truck
    Neither does Apple

  • Tim Giangiobbe 3 years ago

    And the price was right

  • Tim Giangiobbe 3 years ago

    The Ford Model T Pad

  • xadam2dudex 3 years ago

    @Dharma818 the playbook can interface with a Blackberry phone

  • YOSSI M. 3 years ago

    blackberry! yes!

  • tangkag879 3 years ago

    admit it ipad is the king even do its not perfect if its not the king why
    do everytime a tablet is born there is always ____ vs ipad

  • Kompulsa 3 years ago

    @hiloboynokaoi That is because Apple fanatics are stupid and thickheaded. I
    find that they never shop around. Hype is the reason people buy the iPad,
    and yes, the Playbook is selling. Apple is more popular now because they
    introduced the iPad first, it will take the others time to catch up.

  • seduktiv001 3 years ago

    @TRUXTONFTW no, there are bad tablets, archos makes a few.

  • Mishal Alhodaithy 3 years ago

    The play book is the best. But there problem is that they dont run the
    android. If bb were android system they would be top again

  • Michael Zurba 3 years ago

    Yay got my playbook yesterday!!

  • Chris Brendan 3 years ago

    Hey Guys, I’ve recently learnt how to program, I love it. I’m not that
    great, but I’ve released my first app for the playbook called DubPad. I’d
    love it if you download it, its priced at 0.99$. Sorry I have to charge for
    my app. Please at least share it with others. Thanks fellow playbook users!

  • Gabriel Goilo 3 years ago

    Next time prove that you cleared the history and that your on the same
    wifi, why don’t you compare the play book vs the new iPad ?

  • walgasa 3 years ago

    Ipad = Hipsters Playbook = Business

  • IXLAZYMANXI 3 years ago

    Have you ever used a Playbook?

  • CHRIS JHON 3 years ago

    hey can someone tell me asap on video chat on playbook can you add people
    from face time to talk to then because mine will not let me idk what to do
    please help me thanks

  • RainsBottle 3 years ago

    Hi, which iPad generation is this?

  • yuri93able01 3 years ago

    buddy look at the date this video was made first gen ipad was only
    available at the time as well as first gen playbook, so it is very fair

  • shaharyar jamali 3 years ago

    finally Blackberry Playbook won <3

  • TheJenn68 3 years ago

    $200 is what makes the BBPL better.