Added by on September 12, 2014

T-Mobile Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot Pro, Dell Venue 11 Pro, a speaker roundup including the JBL Pulse, the Livescribe 3 Smartpen, and the Moto X on Republic …

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  • Traci Dwyhalo 3 years ago

    I purchased the Moto G from Republic Wireless and I absolutely love it! The
    wifi calls are made with great clarity and the wifi to cellular transfer
    happens seamlessly. I must admit, I was dubious at first to use the Sprint
    network, but the network has worked well. I travel all over the country for
    work and the phone has yet to fail me. It should be mentioned, it does not
    allow for external storage via Micro SD. The two (internal) storage options
    for the Moto G is 8GB or 16GB. I do not find this to be an issue, but it
    depends on your needs. The focus however for me was the affordable monthly
    service charge. Monthly plans start as low as $5 and the most “expensive”
    plan (if that’s even an appropriate way to describe it) is $40. The $25
    plan, which comes with wireless and 3G coverage, has worked very well for
    me. If you would like 4G LTE data coverage, then you will need to go with
    the $40 plan. Overall, it is a cost-effective phone, with great service.

  • SomehowNotSurprised 3 years ago

    They confirmed that kitkat is coming within the month and they are adding
    the moto g.

  • The_HBK_23 3 years ago

    I am here because I miss the screensavers. I remember the first time I saw
    Leo was when he answered a question on how Max Payne would run on a Geforce

  • steve c 3 years ago

    Is buying a new Moto X really the only way to get service with Republic
    Wireless? That’s even worse than Ting! At least Ting will let you bring
    over a few old Sprint phones.