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Fix your Asus Memo Pad that’s not charging and refusing to power up and displays a red battery icon when plugged in. You can find the written version with de…

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  • Ricardo Gardener 2 years ago

    Repair Red battey issue on Asus Memo pad

  • Fabio Vinuesa 2 years ago

    Muchas gracias!!!!… funciono a la perfección!…

  • Marcel Gagne 2 years ago

    Many thanks for the instructions. With your help, I was able to bring my
    tablet back from the dead!

  • Charles Bright 2 years ago

    Now this makes me not want to get this tablet since it has a battery
    problem. Besides I’m not comfortable in opening it up and trying to fix it.
    I’ll look for another tablet. Good video by the way.

  • Jonathan Lopez 2 years ago

    I had an ASUS laptop. I sent it to get it fixed on January 20. THey sent it
    back to the WRONG address and now for over a month Im waiting to get it
    back but yet they do not update me . so im done with ASUS

  • bigdog mack 2 years ago

    you are a genius thank you so much …after changing battery that is
    exactly what was going on…did what you said checked connections and wala
    it’s back to normal…always wear anti static strap when working on pc’s or
    tabs me 

  • Alice Kate 2 years ago

    I own the ASUS memo pad 7 (white) but when I opened it the position of the
    circuit boards are different then they are in the video and I’m not sure
    where the battery is please help!

  • Steven Long 2 years ago

    Thanks dude , This worked!

  • Loredana-Iuliana Vasile 2 years ago

    Thank you very much! It really worked for my MeMo tablet model.

  • Adam Conrad 2 years ago

    Fixed mine, perfect. Cheers :)

  • ian carlo santiago 2 years ago

    thumbs up for you :)

  • SABRİ TAYANOS 2 years ago

    Thank problems over

  • Ricardo Gardener 2 years ago

    Is your Asus Memo Pad not turning on and showing a red battery icon check
    out the fix.

  • Three Nails Brewing 2 years ago

    thanks for the video

  • Roselle Ann Pichay 2 years ago

    It still doesnt work on mine. 

  • Saqib Akhlaq 2 years ago

    Thank you so much!!! Finally found it, had this problem a few months ago &
    even replaced the battery but this made it turn on!!! I appreciate it 

  • Amer Rahem 2 years ago

    Thank you very much 🙂
    I was looking for this fix ..