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Check out our review of the Quad-Core Intel Atom MeMO Pad 7!

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  • Marlon Mariano 2 years ago

    Quick review lang ito pero ako halos na test ko na sa lahat..yung Yuotube
    na bagong update nag gregreen background kaya iniunistall ko uli yung
    update ganun din sa fb video..sayang ganda pa nman yung update ng fb may
    sariling browser na lalabas..ok na ok sa free fb ng smart.Ang mahirap dito
    hindi pwede mag install sa sd pero yung update pwede na yung apps move to
    sd card.Kaya lang doon sa TubeMate at UC browser hindi pwede ilipat ng
    folder yung download folder.Yung mga download videos hindi pwede ilipat sa
    ibang folder.Yung Real Racing ko nagcacrash hindi ko maopen.Ganun din yung
    NBA game time hindi ko magamit nagcracrash sa pag open.Yung Firefox lagi
    din nagcracrash.

  • Jan Palanca 2 years ago

    Another sweet (unscripted?) review dood!
    I was hyped at the price range of this device and knowing that its an ASUS
    device just shot me right off the moon!
    I am currently looking for a gaming device (preferably a phablet/tablet) so
    the CONS doesn’t really affect much of anything.. but i have already
    planned on getting the (imported) Xiaomi Red Note 4G LTE since it
    looks/sounds a lot like the Redmi 1S but with a bigger screen and improved
    specs (mostly the 2gb of RAM since the Redmi 1s “casually” eats up 50-60%
    of its available RAM and DOGE knows when they’ll going to fix them.)
    So…Hopefully you can get your hands on one of those babies and do a
    review of that device one day so i can get a much detailed idea from your
    point of view!
    Note: the reason why i want it is because it has a qualcomm snapdragon
    inside and the rumored price of 7k+. so, its a no brainer why i want it!
    any device would be fine as long as it has qualcomm in it and below the
    price range of 10k so yeah..

  • John Lyn 2 years ago

    mas mag iimproved pa sya pag nka Lollipop na.. dhil d pa fully optimized
    ang x86-x64 unlike ARM.. pero khit dpa fully optimized mamaw na sa gaming

  • Jonathan Castro 2 years ago

    what is the downside of a android device kng stuck nya cya sa jellybean o

  • Ponce Poncenby 2 years ago

    Alex, are you the best reviewer of technology on the web? I think so

  • The Technoclast 2 years ago
  • Harry serrano 2 years ago


  • Jrst Cmac 2 years ago

    Nice :)