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We compare the Apple iPhone 6 with the Nokia Lumia 830 in this vs head-to-head comparison. How does a £300 Lumia fare against a flagship from Apple? While th…


Nokia Lumia


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  • branot89 2 years ago

    iPhone 6 isn’t any better than Lumia 830 and costs twice as much. Still,
    millions of people are standing in lines to buy it

  • Qoyum Nasri 2 years ago

    Lumia 830 vs Galaxy Alpha please?

  • Ehrgeiz 2 years ago

    The iPhone has better software in terms of apps. That’s it. The 830 wins on
    nearly everything else. Didn’t mention the video recording with dolby
    surround 5.1 audio recording or glance screen. For me these features are
    more important and I have all the apps I need.

  • Daniel Marrett 2 years ago

    Thanks for the great review. I’ve been struggling to decide and I’m going
    to go with the 830 this time. I think total feature set hardware and ease
    of use software tilts in Lumia’s favor. The new swipe keyboard and the pure
    view camera are icing on the cake. I just never warmed up to being penned
    in by iTunes software and the lack of customization. Tried Android, you
    cant delete apps you don’t want and the security of its permission system
    is ridiculous, really Android? I’ve come to see WP 8.1 as a viable middle
    ground. US ATT offering 830 with free FitBit so I am going down today after
    it. In the end, I’m a senior not a young gamer and family snapshots are
    more important to me than an extra 100k apps I’ll never even look at

  • demosco1 2 years ago

    Lumia 830 blows the iphone 6 out of water, considering price and specs.
    Iphone is over-priced product which dummy fanboys will continue to buy till

  • Zizi Mugen 2 years ago

    So a mid-grade Lumia is being tested against what’s considered a top-tier
    device? I think we know which one is winning already.

    For people who are unsure, it’s the Lumia. When a lower tier is being
    tested in the next range up, the lower tier is obviously the better
    consumer product.

  • Jon Erickson Chan 2 years ago

    what matters most in both of these phones is the price. Iphone 6 is just
    too much expensive. You can buy 2 lumia 830 with that.

  • James Power 2 years ago

    I’m currently using iP6 and previously Lumia 820. I’m very interested in
    the 830 but the one dealbreaker for me is something you didn’t even
    mention: 830 does not have Hey Cortana. I use Hey Siri constantly for a
    safe handsfree experience while driving. It’s strange that Nokia excluded
    Glance from the 930 and Hey Cortana from the 830. It’s the sort of
    manipulative crap you expect from Apple not Nokia.

  • Montpbm Crawford 2 years ago

    Your review does suck.. it would be great if you actually showed what
    windows phone can really do.

  • SMEGMAZ 2 years ago

    Please, do a performance comparison between the 830 and the first gen
    lumias like the 920 or 925 and 1020.

  • Charly Sayz 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t actually give a F#ck about Apps? As long as
    I have Facebook, Skype, Twitter and em?? I don’t really care. I have a
    925, never crashes, my pictures are better than all my mates. It actually
    appears faster than most phones even though it’s an old Dual Core. Oh, it
    make calls and has internet so that’s me happy :-)

  • Frost Sanderson 2 years ago

    The Lumia is the clear winner here. And about the apps – This week has
    indeed been a very “Appy” week for WP. So many new official games and apps
    are arriving everyday. With Windows 10 for phones the market share of WP
    will probably double up. I don’t understand why people buy iPhones. They
    are so not worth the price.

  • Ashton Hoegberg 2 years ago

    Lets not forget about my personal favorite feature of Nokia WP, GLANCE! my
    phone is in standby mode and is displaying the date/time, calendar
    appointment, notifications, and weather. So for most basic information that
    I want answered I don’t even have to touch my phone to get my answer. My
    lock screen is literally an archaic function I wish I could just bypass
    because of it. And if you’re worried about what it would do to your
    battery, I only ever notice about a 10 minute difference in my day from it,
    needless to say no difference really. That in combination with their
    cameras and wireless charging, I really can’t see myself going to a
    different platform anytime soon. You also failed to mention the ways in
    which Cortana overcomes Siri, with locational/event based reminders and how
    she gathers news based on your interests for you (don’t need an additional
    app to do so) among other things. The OS is not only simpler to use, it
    makes more sense and has easier use of access for information.

  • erick rosales 2 years ago

    i think windows phone is better because its simplicity. if microsoft do
    real multitasking and add more apps and updates to its store then will beat
    at all to android and ios. for now enjoying my 1520

  • VRsite 2 years ago

    Wow! Good review. Btw. Could you do a comparison between the 830 and
    1020/1520 or 920 in load time cause I would like to know if it is worth
    buying this phone when I have a 920

  • Alexis Aguiñaga 2 years ago

    What iphone racing game is that?

  • Suy Piseth 2 years ago

    I think Microsoft now should focus more on developing apps right now bring
    more popular games that available on IOS and Android and update home screen
    customization that will bring WP even to IOS and Android , great view by
    the way :)

  • StrickenWithFear 2 years ago

    Personally I like the Lumia 830 but I can understand why people like the
    iphone so much.

  • Gaming2Entertain 2 years ago

    Hopefully gonna get the lumia 830 for christmas . will be my first
    smartphone and I’m 15. Its the one thing I didn’t think about buying.

  • Andrea Piccoli 2 years ago

    Nothing test about web browser?

  • Kh Wong 2 years ago

    the awkward moment when this 830 looks as good as the flagship model

  • Richard Morgan 2 years ago

    The review missed out two fantastic features of windows phone deep links
    and customizing the home page. I love to pin objects to my home screen for
    locations, people, albums, whatsapp groups, facebook pages, news apps and
    more to the home screen and have them flip to reveal information without
    needing to open them. Its amazing.

  • michael99uk 2 years ago

    @JJFilmart That retina on iPhone 6 is not full HD its just a little bit
    over HD bcos of apple non standard Resolution.

  • Alexis Aguiñaga 2 years ago

    WP also let the developers to add camera features through lenses

  • raha dhion 2 years ago

    the price of iphone 6 is twice of the lumia :(

  • Mack Falkowski 2 years ago

    what music are you using? 

  • vancian1970 2 years ago

    I’ve had both Apple and Windows phones and I just can’t get the fact that
    Apple has not implemented a quick camera button. There are so many times
    where you have to grab you phone to get a great photo very quickly. Also,
    Apple should have included image stabilization on that phone. 

  • Montpbm Crawford 2 years ago

    Nokia is a master of design. The iphone basically looks like the old ones.
    Nothing new and mastery about that. Just saying.

  • 陳穎凡 2 years ago

    both these phones look small in his hands

  • Nakz S 2 years ago

    why the iphone image is “brighter” when taking photos?

  • Jamie Bond 2 years ago

    awesome. just what i wanted to see! don’t forget need a formal camera AND
    loudspeaker comparison. 

  • Michael Valdivia 2 years ago

    Do you think Nokia/ Microsoft should have just included a SD800? Would it
    be worth it? How much more could it have been? 

  • king xj 2 years ago

    Nokia 830 all the way, $300 wth offline nav/sat radio built in~ better
    build quality√

  • Jelletink 2 years ago

    Wow that Nokia is a beautiful device!

  • Charthers 2 years ago

    This has become my favorite tech channel on YouTube! 🙂 

  • Bo Vorachack 2 years ago

    I like 830 better.

  • Jose Pomatta 2 years ago

    “Nokia has an IPS screen, not an AMOLED like most of Androids…” I guess
    you mean IPS sucks…
    “iPhone has also IPS LCD panel, fantastic angles as you can see” IPS LCD
    720p in a phone that doubles the price. But hey, Apple is the masters of
    design! OKEY

  • Seth Clayburn 2 years ago

    com’on man!!!..let’s see a real comparison..iphone 6 vs Zed 3 or Sony Z3 if
    your nasty! #JanetJackson 

  • michael99uk 2 years ago

    These two will give you stability, good looking phone reliable , nice
    battery and screen one is just more expensive than the other.

  • Yanano Bere 2 years ago

    @Pedro Libório Actually lumia 830 is more comparable to the IPhone which
    has always been an overpriced flagship with midrange specs. The Lumia 930
    is more S5 & HTC one territory

  • Muhammed Moazam 2 years ago

    just bought 930 after using 920 for two years & i feel in no way in my life
    i would ever need to look at any other mobile or OS

  • Muaz Raslan 2 years ago

    The 830 is such a beauty. 

  • Montpbm Crawford 2 years ago

    Windows phone has the best keyboard ever.

  • thiruvetti 2 years ago

    Can you do a bend test comparison between the 2 ;-)

  • Tamer Aslantas 2 years ago

    I’d buy a Nokia Lumia 830 over an iPhone. Buy an 128 or 64 gb SD card,
    wireless charging plate AND NFC monster headphones an I would probably save
    some money as well. ;)

  • asghan86 2 years ago

    730 is even better than the 830!

  • DrToker82 2 years ago

    I think it was a fair comparison overall, you can’t cover everything. It
    basically showed you what you get for double the price, and for most people
    it’s just not worth it. The Lumia is a premium build with premium features
    running on a midrange chip.