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Free Hulu+ Trial: Apple iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air! My detailed comparison review of Apple’s new iPad Air 2 vs it’s predecessor, cove…


iPad Air



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  • MrFinny95 3 years ago

    iPad Air 2 or nexus 9?

  • Vijay Panjwani 3 years ago

    Better Graphics,✔️
    Better Camera,✔️
    A Laminated Display,✔️
    No Air Gaps in the Display Panel,✔️
    Touch ID✔️ etc…
    And people call it same as the last year’s iPad.
    Fucking retarded fanboys.

  • Abubaker Alzuaree 3 years ago

    Same shit every year, apple doesn’t know how to innovate

  • Nikos Georgopoulos 3 years ago

    You Do know that iPad Air 2 bends so easily right?

  • StuffTubeAmwesome 3 years ago

    Tri-core? Really, Apple? Are you that stubborn to add a quad-core?

  • GeekyNerdDad 3 years ago

    Another great one man… But Once Upon A Time? I was with you with the
    Hannibal clip but not sure about Once Upon A time lol. 

  • Sybren Bijlsma 3 years ago

    Dous the mini 3 also have that anti reflecting coating? (Sorry for bad

  • Nabeel Mohammed 3 years ago

    Comment Ninjas ………..everyWhere in World

  • supaxkawaii 3 years ago

    If I get an iPad Air 2 case will it fit the iPad Air ? I saw a case I like
    but it’s only available for iPad 2. I’m wondering if their sizes are the

  • Sir Trollsalot 3 years ago

    Does anyone here have experience using the iPad Air 2? If so. How does the
    battery compare to, say, the ipad 4? (My current model). Also, has anyone
    had any experiences with bending, now that it’s thinner? Or have you heard
    of anyone experiencing bending issues? I also heard on one review that,
    even though the air 2 has the same resolution, it now doesn’t have a retina
    display because of its smaller battery?? Is this ipad worth the upgrade?

  • TheDark Knut 3 years ago

    Ipad doesnt support all the apps that iphones can right? I cant see
    whatsapp and stuff in the app store. Pls help.

  • YoungiTechHelping 3 years ago

    I need a new iPad! My iPad 2 is too slow.. 

  • Remy Basi 3 years ago

    Inb4 ipad air 3 has a 5k display

  • Jayy_760 3 years ago

    I’d rather buy a tablet. So much more things you could do! :)

  • Trevor Beckett 3 years ago

    A couple of things I’ve noticed – the 2 doesn’t have as much of a hollow
    sound when tapping the screen and the speaker is a touch better.

    The speed increase in day to day use is definitely noticeable.

  • Ritish Verma 3 years ago

    I am going with the iPad Air 1st Gen!
    I don’t care much about the thickness.

  • TechExamined 3 years ago

    Love the shots and editing as always… Those different angles are real
    ankle breakers…:-o

  • Jan Stolwijk 3 years ago

    Good vid, but I still prefer a Samsung Galaxy Tab :)

  • malik azoum 3 years ago

    When is the iMac 5K review coming out? And great video by the way!

  • Rahul Kumar 3 years ago

    what the game called?

  • cwbh10 3 years ago

    its also scary that that A8x is more powerful than my 2008 MB Uni :/
    when will it catch up to my i7 that is the question

  • Darcy C 3 years ago

    iPad Air 3 thinner and lighter than iPad Air 2. iPad Air 4 thinner and
    lighter than air 3. iPad Air 5 thinner and lighter than iPad Air 4.

    Fuck this I’m moving to android.

  • Luis Higareda Jr 3 years ago

    Jon, this video was great man!! 

  • Madorable - 3 years ago

    I liked the video :D

  • Armin Seddigh 3 years ago

    First bitch!!!!!

  • AirCorpsGaming 3 years ago

    Why would people even update a tablet just as regularly as a smartphone? It
    just doesn’t make sense. A tablet is manly a household thing but a
    smartphone you carry around everywhere. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • O'Brian Honda 3 years ago

    Whats game its that :O

  • TheArcadianPon3 3 years ago

    Why does nobody ever mention the battery life? Seriously…that and
    performance are the most important factors…

  • KneipbrødHD 3 years ago

    Hi guys so im currently looking for a ipad for christmas

    now i wonder should i go for air 1 or 2?

  • MisterAma 3 years ago

    In my country iPad Air 32 GB costs 540,21 USD and iPad Air 2 64 GB costs
    729,44 USD. It’s a huge difference. Currently I’m running on iPod Touch 4
    so I need upgrade. That speed on Air 2 is real but it’s expensive :(. Can
    you help me? :)

  • Peddy 3 years ago

    Even iPad Air 2 is better than my laptop……

  • f18hornet 3 years ago

    Make it 720p60 Please.

  • Zakariyah Shah 3 years ago

    I’m going into high school next year and they require you have an iPad at
    school to do work on. I really want the iPad Air 2 for that. I have an 16GB
    iPad mini with retina display that my Mum wanted me to bring. But the iPad
    air 2 is MUCH faster and has overall better specs. 

  • Mus ZiZzAg 3 years ago

    Background song?

  • Danny Jaber 3 years ago

    does the iPad air 2 offer sex pills….

    so u can charge it

  • Bob Saleh 3 years ago

    Love the Gold option.