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Apple’s new flagship tablet, hitting its stride. iPad Air 2: The original iPad Air: Ty Moss’ iP…


iPad Air


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  • Marques Brownlee 2 years ago

    #TechNovember continues. Yet another awesome month for gadget lovers.

    *iPad Air 2 Review!*

    Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

  • OriginalChuan 2 years ago

    Let me sum that up:

    1) same shit
    2) same shit
    3) same shit
    4) same shit

    You’re welcome.

  • Sail broat 2 years ago

    Marques Bitchlee
    Marques Queerleee
    Marques Pegleee
    Marques Nerdlee
    Marques Homolee
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    Marques SocialscienceDegreeStarbucksLee
    Marques TryingTooHardLee

  • Apples 2 years ago

    WHOA! 3 cores?!?!? My Droid Turbo has 4 lolol stupid apple and it has 3 gb
    of ram and it’s 25% of the size

  • Gerard Guiterez 2 years ago

    MBKHD Marques iPad Air 2 Review.

    Watch out some may start calling him iMBKHD LOL

  • therammaker 2 years ago

    Lets see
    Nexus 7 (1st gen)
    Nexus 7 (2st gen)
    Completely new design
    Decent camera added
    New specs
    Upgraded display
    Ipad air
    Ipad air 2
    slightly smaller
    slight design change
    upgraded specs
    same restrictive os

  • imjust chillin 2 years ago

    GOT DAMMIT APPLE WINS AGAIN! smh…seems like apples competitors choose to
    stuff their devices with the latest hardware but fail to deliver the
    quality and smooth experience that apple delivers to it’s users. iphone 6
    and the ipad air 2 are the crown holders again. android could look at apple
    and learn a thing or two about quality over quantity. just my opinion

  • Hussain Kesury 2 years ago

    @ 3:31 *Graphics* Redifined in Tablets!

  • J Ryan 2 years ago

    Removal of the mute switch. I seriously hope they don’t remove it from the
    phones as that would be the dumbest decision they could ever make. It’s one
    awesome feature they’ve had since the first iPhone that helps set them
    apart. They have the Do Not Disturb control centre toggle and that’s all
    they need. Keep the mute switch as a separate hardware feature rather than
    adding unnecessary bloat to the software of the device. 

  • Haze X 2 years ago

    “It sets the standard for build quality.” – MKBHD

    Same thing I commented in the last video and you retards tried flaming me.

    Android manufacturers needs to step up their design game and Google needs
    to improve their tablet experience, Period.

    Apple >*

    Had a ton of Android products and I have no desire to ever use that OS or
    the hardware it comes bundled with ever again. 

  • Jef Bob 2 years ago

    I love apple changes like 3 things jacks the price to hellish amounts and
    advertises it as so spectacular new product of the future I love my iPad
    and I play on getting a new iPad but like cmon add some cool new feature 

  • Roscoe Adams 2 years ago

    Hello, I love your channel, I think you’ve been doing an awesome job. I
    know this may be off base to bring up on your review of the of the ipad air
    2 but I was wondering why you haven’t done a review/comparison of the
    Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2? Keep up the Great work!!!!!

  • Leon Campa 2 years ago

    I strongly hope Apple will finally integrate multi-window options on the
    next version of gadgets.

    I would love being able to watch a video on one end of the device while
    filling up an excel spreadsheet on the other. Microsoft and Google both
    have options for that, so it is about time Apple follows the lead.

  • Fedora Whale 2 years ago

    I am a android user, but I have to say, I’m impressed by apple on the air
    The performance is pretty impressive.
    The only problem: Price
    The MiPad, Nvidia Shield Tablet blows the IPad Air out of the water here.
    I mean 64 GB for £479
    If only they had 32 GB with SD card, but it seems apple has decided to make
    everything thinner
    Thinner is not the answer ! D:<<

  • Mees de Jonge 2 years ago

    Difference between the IPad Air and the IPad Air 2:

    Slightly better cpu
    Fingerprint scanner
    Screen with less air

    All this for just 200 dollar more then the IPad air


  • Alex Coreable 2 years ago

    been using ipad air 2 for a month and i have to say it is an impressive
    piece of hardware, insane battery life and no overheating issue. but Apple
    didn’t make full use of the 2GB RAM and powerful chip. no split screen
    multitasking and iTunes is just troublesome! and the mute button is removed
    for no practical reason!

  • do duc duy 2 years ago

    The iPad really sets the standard for modern tablets with its nearly
    perfect design, performance, simplicity and battery life. In the contrary,
    the iPhone, for me, is totally an engineering and technical failure. I
    cannot believe why Apple could possibly allow the 6’s design to be like
    that. Set aside the aluminum element, the footprint looks like a China

    => iPad for tablet and Sony’s Z3 for smartphone.

  • TheBri656 2 years ago

    Put a stylus on it! For fuck’s sakes! Styluses are awesome and so much fun!
    You can do so much with them, and when your fingers are cold,you can use a
    stylus (I live in Canada)! Add that to an iPad or anything, and ill buy it.
    And its also something new so the product is different, not just the same
    as all your other products. For fucks sakes, just taking the damn stylus
    out will be fun enough (like a DS stylus).

  • Matias Péres 2 years ago

    this guy should go to jail for selling shit

  • Queen B 2 years ago

    This will sound so stupid but anyway I have an iPad 2, is it worth
    upgrading to the iPad Air 2? Is there much of a difference in speed and

  • Epey Esteves 2 years ago

    Are you reviewing the iPad mini 3 anytime soon? Cannot decide if I’m
    getting the iPad air 2, iPad mini 3 or switch to Android (LG G2) Any

  • Alex Oppe 2 years ago

    2gbs of ram isnt necessary as iOS uses ram resources more effectivily than
    android(im not a Apple fanboy btw, i prefer android)

  • intotheoceanbloo 2 years ago

    Is Apple done? I mean the IOS 8 doesn’t even have that many new features…
    I get that the quality is great, but with features such as this, it won’t
    be able to keep up. This is why I like Marques’s reviews, they are no
    bullshit… I’m not saying Android is better than IOS, but Android is
    better than IOS. 

  • xXx_illuminati_overload_xXx 2 years ago

    Ipad 4 is still good and battery is way better i’m using my ipad 4 for a
    hour now and i still have 100% battery, i eazly get 12-14h out of it and it
    still can keep up eazly with new tablets

  • TheDark Knut 2 years ago

    He might admire apple products but deep down he hates them and is a serious
    android lover! :D

  • Martin Webb 2 years ago

    You sound a lot more flat then normal. Not very enthusiastic. I noticed it
    too with your iPhone 6 review.

    It sounds like you’re reading from a script… It’s like you’re saying good
    things but you don’t sound like you actually believe what you’re saying.

  • MyTechMethods 2 years ago

    Nice review as always. I have to assume the reason Apple is not taking more
    advantage of the availability of the pixels and RAM for hardcore
    multi-tasking features is because iPads are marketed toward your average
    iPhone user who wants the experience to be the same on all their devices
    for the sake of simplicity. We geeks would love to see the iPad take full
    advantage though, even if that does mean a slightly different user

  • Mikey Guanipa 2 years ago

    I’m an apple fan and i even admit apple needs some software edge on the
    iPads over the phones
    tablets have gone down anyway in sells (with iPad still being the best) but
    no one is in a huge need to update them
    I’m glad the iPad 2 is finally gone but apple needs to make some new
    software thing on the iPad to make it better. maybe multitasking or