Added by on March 7, 2015 With an improved design, faster performance, a sharp screen, and near-instant customer service, the new Kindle Fire HDX 7 rights nearl…

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  • Wang Eric 2 years ago
  • ben michael 2 years ago

    The design is ugly. I’d get the nexus 7 2013

  • obscuresword 2 years ago

    the bezel is fine, but it is ugly on the back lol.

  • Adammyers1995 2 years ago

    Why do you have Stealth ? O.o

  • Kyar Mg 2 years ago

    blue screen.

  • marscoutly 2 years ago

    Have you never heard of Kanye West??

  • Ricky Brunet 2 years ago

    I can’t watch your video because the ad at the beginning keeps restarting
    itself over and over again. SO VERY ANNOYING!

  • Monsieur Africain 2 years ago

    Those people know nothing about processors. Do they not forget that the
    Nexus 10 was a dual-core? It was still vastly superior to the Nexus 7.

  • Emil Bozhilov 2 years ago

    its already old buddy. it came with an year old processor.

  • TheJaios 2 years ago

    1:05 Franklin?

  • Doshu 2 years ago

    Two things, bezel and fugly.

  • Mrtechboy 18 2 years ago

    looks like amazon took a hint from lg

  • Mark Atkisson 2 years ago

    nexus 7 is way better!

  • Vageta1999 2 years ago

    exept for the apple a7

  • Vageta1999 2 years ago

    i know that but people think the a7 is shit because it’s dual core 1.3ghz

  • Kiron Kirsch-Posner 2 years ago

    Imma ask the help people for a flash

  • JLP Design 2 years ago

    iPad mini is far superior.

  • haloapa 2 years ago

    Note 8 is the best

  • picklesnorf101 2 years ago

    I would still way rather have the new Nexus 7.

  • nationofmillions 2 years ago

    Another tablet yay.

  • Edison Siew 2 years ago


  • Ahmed Alsafar 2 years ago

    The rep can’t see you??? They just lost a bunch of horny customers….

  • LegendaryLeo214 2 years ago

    Smart that the rep can’t see you cause I’m pretty sure all they would see
    most of the day is dicks

  • LuBano 2 years ago

    it’s an album cover. it literally looks blurred like that on purpose

  • Andrew White 2 years ago

    Please follow up on the fling feature but mostly how well or not Miracast
    adapters work in place of the lost HDMI port. Undoubtedly, you will pay
    more for an adapter than a six dollar cable so reliability of the hardware,
    quality of the wireless video stream and compatibility with the majority of
    HDTVs will be very important.

  • jayr122001 2 years ago

    wtf kindle fire no back camera? no way

  • Yigit Devir 2 years ago

    Will it come to the netherlands or germany

  • Inturl618 2 years ago

    Never before in the history I experience any issue on a tablet that need
    customer service. Why is kindle fire focused on that?

  • Sahil Patel 2 years ago

    Cnet needs to chill the fuck out with the ads