Added by on April 11, 2015

This is the Fire HDX 8.9 Review 2014 edition. This device has 70% faster processing for its GPU, it’s 34% lighter, and is loaded with awesome new features. Check it out.

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  • F105Thundr 2 years ago

    I have this. my second. My issue is I actually see the grid pattern touch
    receptors on the screen. Annoying note that I’ve noticed them. I sent fire
    a new one. Same thing. went to the store and checked one out. Same thing.
    anyone else notice this?

  • Nikhil Pindis 2 years ago

    Wish they came out with a pure android rather than this shitty cover over

  • Goodereader 2 years ago
  • jlamarev 2 years ago

    What I was wondering is what is the REAL difference between this and last
    year’s model? I hear it has a faster processor and better sound quality but
    is it worth the extra money? 

  • Wolfgang Icarus 2 years ago

    please help me decide which one is better for watching videos and reading
    PDF files comparing nexus 9 and amazon 8.9 in terms of battery life/ page
    loading speed ??!