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Shannon has her hands full with all 3 Fires from Amazon. The Fire HD, HDX, and HDX 8.9″ For the full episode, visit

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  • Pauline Lunas 2 years ago

    The Kindle Fire HDX delivers incredible value for its price, especially for Amazon
    Prime members.

  • Beverly Andante 2 years ago

    I recently went on a trip to the Grand Canyon and wish that I would have
    been able to take pictures with my old one.

  • Ben Palmer-Wilson 2 years ago

    That guy has one hell of a great radio voice!

  • Andy S 2 years ago

    ‘a little bit more heavy’???? really? how about ‘heavier’?

  • Arielle Ayala 2 years ago

    I’m sorry this is totally random, but I LOVE your nail polish! What is it? 

  • amazonas profou 2 years ago


  • amazonas profou 2 years ago


  • VideoJots 2 years ago

    Another video summary