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For more details, check out our web site: Last year, Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire HD…

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  • David Thomas 2 years ago

    I think John V smoked a bowl before shooting this, his eyes are red

  • Isaac Abraham 2 years ago

    Thanks John, good review. I went with the Yoga 2Pro tablet this year. Can’t
    wait for it to arrive! I hope u don’t take what these idiots are saying to
    heart. There is Nothing wrong with you. People are just being cruel because
    it’s easier to do so miles away behind a keyboard. 

  • John Velasco 2 years ago

    It’s another solid effort by the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, but I’d still get a
    Google Nexus 9 over it. At the same time, you can still pick up last year’s
    model for cheap, which offers nearly the same features as this new one.

  • Davix Production 2 years ago

    Is that the Microsoft Band on your wrist?

  • David Van Ryn 2 years ago

    John, stay of my screen please, keep it to hands and voice, we do not want
    to see your face, thx

  • BigVar215 2 years ago

    Please, just get a ” normal haircut” . If your girl is doing your hair. Let
    her down easy and stop it. Just stop it. I really can’t pay attention to
    the video with your hair like that. Stop it now! Who cares that your going
    bald. Let it go. Lol 

  • Gabriel Gattringer 2 years ago

    The #amazonkindlefirehdx89 is a great tablet for people who use some of
    the Amazon Services already.

  • NewYork Gamer 2 years ago

    John v u rock 🙂 iPhone is the best 

  • jamkur 2 years ago

    This is still a very good tablet

  • tapan misra 2 years ago

    These days. Everyday I see a video is up. I say to myself. Plz plz plz DONT
    JOn V….. Unsubscribed

  • RA-FNMT™ 2 years ago

    2nd last

  • John Hatcher 2 years ago


  • Asaf Dadia 2 years ago


  • yoad hordan 2 years ago

    Mile don’t see people buying this