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A review of my Advent vega android based tablet running MoDaCo Custom R8 Advent vega – Rom – Check out my facebook …

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  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    @petermdavies Will do 🙂

  • Pigeon .FX 3 years ago

    Thank you for this, really nice to see these reviews in video form, have my
    Vega in the post, so will be watching your videos keenly! Will you be doing
    one for VegaComb BETA 1.4?

  • matthew carr 3 years ago

    A really good review and really well presented….many thanks

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    @fukywak Thanks for the support 🙂 Personally I prefer Corvus5 as its that
    bit better and a tad more stable plus it has the best accelerometer support
    of the android 2.X range of roms. Unfortunately when you change the usb
    mode a reboot is required.

  • caramellsmurfsweden 3 years ago

    Thanks man! Informative and nice view 🙂

  • TheBigboydaz 3 years ago

    hope u can help i got rid of vegacomb as netflix dosent ork so i went back
    to factory and it works i wanted r8, i downloaded it and when i press it
    the black screen comes on my pc and it just sais scanning for advent? im
    not a noob i know how to connect and drivers are on… is there a prob with
    the r8 rom i downloaded do u think?

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    @dangerousdale18 Hi, no cost involved in flashing just time really, if you
    watch the video on flashing a custom rom that shows you start to finish the
    steps you need to follow 🙂

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    @7h3p1930n Thanks 🙂 there is a video for Vegacomb 1.4 beta on my channel 🙂

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    @TheBigboydaz It could well be i had the same with a few roms,
    redownloading them and reinstalling normally works

  • Dale Adlington 3 years ago

    Hey, i have been on the modaco site and I am so confused with it and I not
    sure what I need to do. Could you please explain how to get thos custom r8
    and do i need to pay for anythink thanks alot