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This will show you how to install drivers using AUDI and flash Vega ICS You will need: A Pc or laptop The Advent vega data cable (or compatible) Audi – http:…

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  • bettyboopandtommy 3 years ago

    Hey mate, great tutorial. Just followed it tonight. I now have ICS working
    great! Can’t believe I struggled with the stock/vanilla Vega for so long!
    After the final stage, it says the ADB drivers are installed fine, and it’s
    highlighted green as in your tutorial, but when I power up my Vega and plug
    it into my PC’s usb, it doesn’t show up in the list of storage devices? I’m
    using Win7 Premium 64bit I realise your busy and can’t answer every query,
    but I’d be grateful of some pointers mate 😉

  • BlackberryVery 3 years ago

    Great video. just bought a vega on stock and used your vid to put ics on
    it. Nice straightforward video. I am having problems with getting the
    drivers to work though. I have done everything you recommend on the video
    but the device is not being recognised. At the final stage when i try to
    install the drivers through Audi the software hangs for like ten minutes
    and eventually says successfully complete but it doesnt work. I run XP SP3,
    now when i connect to usb it makes the sound but thats it ??

  • Russell Cox 3 years ago

    Is there a non audi way to do the last bit? I got my Vega flashed and the
    ICS installed, but didn’t get the final bit done. So now my computer can’t
    see the tablet, or at least can’t see it to put files on it. Even better
    would be a driver so I can access the memory card on Mac OSX

  • Darren Jones 3 years ago

    You could, but why would you want to? From what I’ve read VegaComb is out
    of date, and certainly VegaICS runs fine (with the Wifi issue mentioned in
    the beta notes, which isn’t the end of the world having to turn it on
    manually after it’s been asleep). AUDI is useful, though, so if you do want
    to do it, it’ll sort your drivers out.

  • TheMaddaley65 3 years ago

    hi i have used audi to install vega comb but when it starts up i just keep
    getting the vega comb logo and thats it,now i cant get it back into
    recovery mode to try again.any idears.thanks

  • QuZa Edits 3 years ago

    thanks it worked

  • Russell Cox 3 years ago

    I have installed this and it runs well However, there are 2 issues – I want
    to transfer files to the tablet from MacOSX over USB – however, unlike
    previous roms, there is no option to switch to usb drive mode (only shows
    USB debugging) And the Wifi when waking up from sleep always needs to be
    toggled on and off to get it to work Has this happened to you?

  • Lurking Crass Zero 3 years ago

    The Beta is out now mate! You gonna do an update vid on that?

  • ajmalh456 3 years ago

    thank younvery much i downloaded it and its fantastic but wen skipe calling
    the voice of the other person comes in slow motion it there any way it can
    be fixed other than that fantastic no problems as of yet

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    Hi, I had the same problem with a few roms that did that, vegacream
    (VegaICS replacement) should work ok with them

  • Russell Cox 3 years ago

    I tried, tried and tried again for the last step, not bothered though as I
    will just use my Mac to access the SD Card

  • Darren Jones 3 years ago

    Great video – bought a secondhand Vega last night, now running ICS a treat.
    Thanks very much!

  • Fusionz360 3 years ago

    could i use this driver installation and then install vega comb

  • rimbaud0000 3 years ago

    Fantastic. The stock os performance is terrible and this is a massive
    improvement. Excellent video

  • ollie501 3 years ago

    ..which, is I assume, still present somewhere on the Vega. Many thanks for
    any help you can offer! Cheers!

  • VlzHyPnOtIzTzlV 3 years ago

    everytime I download that vega ics thing…my computer keeps removing it
    because it says its harmful…

  • bettyboopandtommy 3 years ago

    @tecboy789 I had that problem mate. Easy solved though. Turn on WiFi, and
    instead of just tapping your SSID, entering the pass key and then clicking
    Connect. Press and HOLD your SSID, enter the password, and now the button
    that was previously Connect, is now Save! 😀 It should work fine now 😉

  • ajmalh456 3 years ago

    lol hope soo

  • Darren Jones 3 years ago

    My Wifi is the same as you describe, and that’s what’s mentioned in the
    Beta release notes. I guess they’ll sort it at some point… not the end of
    the world though, ICS is so much better that it’s a small price to pay.

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    Not sure if there is a fix as the rom is still in the beta stage, fingers
    crossed the guys can work there magic on it and get it working 100%

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    @neilqprose It may be the old ones are stuck if you remove them (in audi)
    then reboot the pc it maybe able to install the correct adb drivers 🙂

  • Darren Jones 3 years ago

    Update: If you download Auto Airplane Mode from the Market, and use that,
    it solves the problem – Wifi is turned back on after the tablet wakes from
    sleep… found it on page 400-odd of the thread about it (searching, not
    reading it all!)

  • bevirosso1 3 years ago

    Hi – excellent video which I followed and all went well. However, I am
    struggling to get any video player to show divx/avi movies. Any suggestion
    … ? thanks !

  • ChristianBoyNorman 3 years ago

    I’ve done everything on the video and have green in the audi program but my
    vega is not showing up on my computer, do i need to do something else to
    make it appear, it shows in various other areas on the pc but just not in
    my computer

  • Neil Rose 3 years ago

    Ive installed ICS, everything fine but on the last step where i install the
    ADB drivers through audi the step 2 box is red and so i install the new
    drivers, it says success but when i go back into audi the box is still red.
    Any ideas? Fab video btw, help me no end.

  • heritzART 3 years ago

    thank you. this tutorial is very helpful. i’ve flashed VegaCream Beta 3 on
    my Viewsonic and working perfectly. thank you

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    Hi it should work the same way, yo can flash any rom with this method you
    just need to drop the rom of your choice on your sdcard 🙂

  • Mathew Griffiths 3 years ago

    When I click “I want to install the Advent Vega stock ROM using recovery
    mode” the red box with the message “Ther recovery driver is NOT correctly
    installed” is always coming up. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    The best way is so head over to the rom site and keep and eye on the thread

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    Mine did the same anti virus seems to miss read it because of what it is 🙁

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    Not sure about the next version date, wifi does work on this version it may
    need to turn wifi off and on sometimes to get it to connect

  • gdwelsh 3 years ago

    Such a nice clear video, got a few questions though, I recently purchased a
    Vega tablet from a friend, its running Vegacomb, all works well, the wifi
    is a little weak, from that I mean upstairs it won’t connect to my router,
    despite changing the channel to manual one, do you know if this build uses
    the same wifi driver? I also assume it would be ok to install the ICS Beta
    over the top of Vegacomb? is the Beta install the same as the video for
    Alpha? Thanks very much

  • evilbobbins 3 years ago

    @LurkingCrassZero Sure will 🙂 I’ll install this weekend and run it for a
    few days 🙂

  • ollie501 3 years ago

    I’m currently using VegaComb 3.2, and want to move to the new VegaCream,
    which I believe is the full Beta replacement for VegaICS. With that in
    mind, can I do it using this video. When I upgraded to Vegacomb, I remember
    using CWM & having to empty Dalvik caches etc.. most of which I’ve
    forgotten how to do. Do I still need to do any of that, or is as simple as
    downloading the ROM, following this vid, and then just restoring a Titanium
    backup of user data? What will happen to the CWM stuff..

  • Michael Fordham 3 years ago

    Excellent video , nice and straightforward, appreciated.

  • E Grahics 3 years ago