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The W700 tablet, just like the S7 notebook just blows away my expectations of Acer build quality. The tooling is immaculate and the device feels superb in my…

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  • All Day PC 3 years ago

    There is a axe on the wall. Lol

  • Jonathan Hine 3 years ago

    im getting one of these from my school for free! :D

  • Dimesh Maharjan 3 years ago

    which one is preferable??
    In term of Power and Price..
    Acer w700 or Dell XPS 11(2014)??

  • sniperlif3 3 years ago

    Because everyone knows the thickness of an iPhone because so many people
    have it. Its only for a size comparison since we cant actually see the size.

  • Peter Gan 3 years ago

    Still no Asus TX300 available 🙁

  • drifter4training 3 years ago

    No..only w3 model

  • xxCOD DYxx 3 years ago

    Haha i’m from Austria and watch all your videos You have to make a video
    were you only speak “german” pls. It would be so funny Sorry for my bad

  • canoeshoe 3 years ago

    How do you know which one comes with the folding case w/keyboard and which
    one comes with the standalone keyboard?

  • Diabolos1 3 years ago

    Thumbs up if you watch this show for Linus’ German accent.

  • crthell 3 years ago

    Your English is great. You wouldn’t believe how many natives can’t speak
    without using curse words 🙂

  • Miguel Hernandez 3 years ago

    you’re rich?

  • Slick youre fired.

  • Talha Nain 3 years ago

    could you do a personal rating for the products?

  • Hydra 3 years ago

    i still use it cause i dont use 1080 monitors

  • Mr1Kyle8 3 years ago

    Also the quietest, I really want my computer to be silent. 🙂

  • Louis Ouellet 3 years ago

    Looks a bit thicker then the surface pro. Is it ?

  • Wren yy 3 years ago

    Dat dock…

  • Sad Panda 3 years ago

    Please Linus make a German accent channel

  • Matthew Ferriola 3 years ago

    Two skype messages in one video? You must be famous!

  • AlphaStorm202 3 years ago

    Try the Corsair Fans 🙂

  • Taylor Keysaw 3 years ago

    That is an iphone 4 and he did away with the windows phone,because windows
    phone os sucks.

  • TheRThump 3 years ago

    And it’s not even an i7.

  • Dazbog 3 years ago

    1:07 Moo!

  • Yung Alien 3 years ago

    BAsically same specs as a Samsung Series 7 tablet… but 300$ less

  • stealer0517 3 years ago

    my secondary monitor is vga

  • slayer2619 3 years ago


  • Chris Barry 3 years ago


  • Yaboiicey 3 years ago

    Welllllllll No. Hell no.

  • Stenchx 3 years ago

    I will never buy a Acer product again, I bought a 7″ tablet a year ago it
    always crashes freezes the bezel was falling apart in 2 months, the power
    cable sleeve was breaking apart had to put tape on in, I work in
    construction and I uses it for music on the work site

  • Bawssish 3 years ago

    thank you 😀

  • Viktor Olsen 3 years ago

    It’s like a touch laptop… shit

  • Joel Martinez 3 years ago

    I watch for the German accent…

  • Ismma Dzx 3 years ago

    yea please linus

  • gil maia 3 years ago

    Can you unbox those twinkies? and if it is not asking to mutch, could you
    do a full review? 00:12

  • skljom 3 years ago

    apu for the win. You could play some LoL with no issues and with good
    framerates – above 50

  • molaskar laskar 3 years ago

    I love the design, but the cameras are really bad.

  • Dylan Harrison 3 years ago

    The stand is retarded I woudl have actually liked to see it removed from
    the package.

  • supergipas 3 years ago

    I want to see a Twinkies box unboxing…want to know what is in that box!!

  • Joseph170 3 years ago

    its much faster, even for gaming i get like 15 more fps on the same laptop
    i had win 7 on, hp pavilion g4 2029wm