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Lisa Gade reviews the Acer Iconia Tab W510 Windows 8 tablet. The W510 runs full Windows 8 on a 1.8GHz Intel Atom Clover Trail CPU with 2 gigs of RAM and 32 o…


Acer Iconia


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  • Michael Ceron 3 years ago

    Lisa in this tablet I can install Windows programs as oficce 2010? Adobe
    Reader etc. ..?

  • murat dogusan 3 years ago

    thanks for your reviews i bought this one a couple days ago and i can say
    they are fixed camera issues and its working very well. except native
    Windows camera app has auto flash fixed and cant change that. and about
    acer software, aceer cloud and acer ring re awesome apps. and there is that
    awesome dock with xtra battery and awesome angle options. i trusted your
    review and you didnt let me down thanks lisa its a great product. btw i
    couldnt use nfc with my nexus 7 but i will try it again

  • MrClowdee 3 years ago

    What is the overall build quality of this thing like?

  • Jared Maurina 3 years ago

    does the microSD slot offer the expandable storage with a microSD card?

  • notsylvain 3 years ago

    and with a Windows Phone too 😉

  • Romina Roxanne Renia 3 years ago

    Is the screen covered with Corning Gorilla Glass?

  • videoI4U 3 years ago

    Fine review on this cute device! I wonder if it provides a GPS. The Acer
    driver pack contains a GPS folder. It would be a nice plus.

  • Ahmad Zuman 3 years ago

    i need an answer fast .. this or the samsung ativ 500t i already bought the
    ative but i have 3 days to return it and maybe take this and save some cach
    (the acer comes with the keyboard dock ) my main draw back for the ativ is
    that there is no battery on the keyboard but it has larger screen .. still
    confused so please help me !

  • MobileTechReview 3 years ago

    Device manager doesn’t show a GPS on the US model. I’d guess the 3G model
    overseas model would have a GPS.

  • Fiona Cui 3 years ago

    How do you screenshot?

  • mahdor251281 3 years ago

    Hej Lisa 🙂 how come i can’t find iconia w511 3g anywhere !!!!

  • Ritt Momney 3 years ago

    @Viktor Novosel Yes, Runescape works okay on it, if the server is packed,
    it might lag, but it definitely runs it.

  • Fatih KAN 3 years ago

    I am in Turkey and You are the real retarded as you cant understand that.
    İt is almost one thousand dollar in Fucking Turkey you and the other
    fucking idiots cant understand and point even where is any other city or
    country on a map. Fucking idiots.

  • staryu551 3 years ago

    This is the best tablet ever

  • editexel 3 years ago

    It is possible to get a virus as with anything, but installing antivirus
    software should do fine. I don’t know about the keyboard cases though. I
    would assume so though.

  • Daniel Dunn 3 years ago

    Thank you very much an excellent review. I have recently ordered my own
    W510. It’s a great little machine especially thanks to that very optimized
    Atom. It being great will depend heavily on what you use it for, for myself
    it for on the go basic office work, basic media and web browsing.

  • JV Bella 3 years ago

    can i download torrent?

  • MobileTechReview 3 years ago

    For Word, watching videos, viewing photos and listening to music the W510’s
    speed is fine.

  • MrKVSDavid 3 years ago

    Lisa, could you tell me whether or not the W510 works with the power bank
    for mobile phone? And how long does it take to fully charge via usb? Thanks
    for the video.

  • CHRISS NATE 3 years ago

    wow 🙂 loking good

  • Snipestax 3 years ago

    Now the Question is: This, or the Lenovo Thinkpad Tab 2? I really like the
    Pen of the Lenovo… What should I get?

  • Ocho Aguilar 3 years ago

    Great review Thank you a lot

  • Eric Hong 3 years ago

    I had note 10.1 & returned that for W510. I missed the active pen on note
    10.1. But since I just got the note 2, it’s less of a problem for me now. I
    even got the PS Touch working on my Note 2. Love the W510 for it’s light
    weight & PC functions. Windows 8 & apps are not as stable as Android
    though. If you already have touch PC and other tablet then I am not sure
    you would need that. I also considered Thinkpad Tablet 2 w/ digitizer pen
    but WiFi problem & non-charging dock on TPT2 stop me.

  • MimiFont 3 years ago

    One of the best reviews I’ve seen. Thanks.

  • DemonTraven 3 years ago

    Yes, it is full winows 8, it supports anything a regular desktop with
    windows 8 supports.

  • Cori Norman 3 years ago

    so would this be a good tablet for me? i just need web browsing ms office
    and maybe some games like n64 emulators and maybe like 30-45 movies?

  • Fred Flores 3 years ago

    Thanks fork the review

  • SidneyXda 3 years ago

    Lisa, i read somewhere that this has terrible wifi, is this true? i wanted
    buy this or the asus vivo tab…which on would you recommend?

  • Simon De Meyere 3 years ago

    How would this compare to the Asus VivoTab Smart? They both have about the
    same price and have about the same specs. Would you see a reason to buy the
    one over the other except for the form factor (keyboard dock with battery
    vs cover/stand and no-weight-keyboard)?

  • Sakotoal 3 years ago

    This , surface 2 or lumia tablet?? Looking for a cheap and good one.

  • Andrew Brown 3 years ago

    Just got the Keydock and I’m havin a great time with it. I never had the
    issue I’ve been reading on Acer’s community forums ( double letter tyong or
    not responding and touch pad broken ) I will with many tests and error
    stack with the origainl Bios and Firmware you get when you buy it and just
    do full Win 8 updates. Acer’s 2.04 and 1.51 Bios as well as the 2.08 are
    borked! Processor won’t slow down nor will the standby/wifi sleep and will
    wreck havoc n the battery 4 to 5 hrs …!

  • HappyAshes 3 years ago

    If you want a tablet with a keyboard and stylus enabled, there is the
    Samsung Ativ Smart PC T500, it’s with the same specs but with a 11.6 inches
    detachable screen and the stylus is stored in the lower back of the tablet.
    I think this version can handle Word, PowerPoint, MS Journal, PDF Reader
    and this kind of softwares but if you want to draw/modelize with ArtRage 3,
    Photoshop, Maya, Blender, Corel Painter, … it’ll not work, you’ll need
    the version PRO T700 of the laptop! :3 Hope it helps you

  • Ahmad Faiz Azmi 3 years ago

    Lisa, this is a SUPERB review. You really went all the way with this one,
    so thorough! Please keep this up! i wish most products have a review like
    this. I’m getting the W700 though, but a W510 for my wife.

  • Yusuf Akhsan 3 years ago

    i want to buy this tablet, but i dont have much money :3

  • Sketchupification 3 years ago

    Is there any convertible 10 inch win 8 tablet that has full hd resolution
    available atm?

  • Akil Brathwaite 3 years ago

    Would it be possible to do a comparison between this and the Samsung ATIV

  • Nurul Ain 3 years ago

    what the difference between w510 an w511?

  • John Wayne 3 years ago

    Amazing Review. I was on the fence about getting the W510 as a companion to
    my main, far more powerful Desktop. This review seals the deal. Thank you
    and keep up the good work.

  • Samuel Senewe 3 years ago

    can the mini USB power up external hard drive, unlike lenovo ideapad tab2?
    and is it support palm rejection for handwriting?

  • xiao qu 3 years ago

    is this anti-glare screen?

  • deio977 3 years ago

    Here it is: