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Part 1 of the exciting comparision between the Acer Iconia W4 and the Dell Venue 8 Pro!!! Part 1 Covers – Physical differences – Display differences – Speake…

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  • Wei Min Chan 3 years ago

    JAtin, Well.. cheaper is always nice. I haven’t had any issues with my
    Acers other than accidentally smashing the W4 screen when it slipped in my
    toilet.. ­čśŤ In the end, there’s always some amount of risk, so just make
    sure you can get your warranty issues settled easily if anything goes

  • Ivan Korsakov 3 years ago

    Nice comparison, thanks!´╗┐

  • 3hoursago 3 years ago

    Have you seen the W4’s official Bluetooth keyboard folio case? Any idea if
    the Dell will sorta fit in it?´╗┐

  • Shadower NIN 3 years ago

    Thank you Wei Min Chan for a realy great comparison! (best on youtube) Now
    i think to buy Acer W4´╗┐

  • uncaringbear 3 years ago

    I think the HDMI port on the W4 and the fact that you can have it powered
    while outputting to a monitor is a huge plus over the Dell. If you plan on
    attaching the Dell to a monitor via USB, you cannot power the tablet, which
    is a big drawback.´╗┐

  • youth03 3 years ago

    well u can give me one of those. no need to explain to ur wife. case closed

  • krosser2123 3 years ago

    Can you tell us the brand/model of the external HDD that you use there?

  • tan Andrew 3 years ago

    hi.. are you from malaysia? if yes, how much and where did you get the dell
    venue from? would really like to know! thanks in advanced´╗┐

  • Retrocade 3 years ago

    Nice comparison. Thks.´╗┐

  • JAtin Sharma 3 years ago

    I am buying one in june, either dell venue or w4 810, and the acer with 3g
    is equal to the dell without 3g with both 64 gig in cost. Do you think I
    should go with acer? I dont want to regret later. Please answer asap.´╗┐

  • Thiha Oo 3 years ago

    The main reasons why I don’t want to get DELL although it is thinner and
    lighter than Acer are….
    – No HDMI port
    – Cannot support external hard disk drive from USB port´╗┐

  • ikram vengers 3 years ago

    are u from malaysia? n where you get dell venue 8 pro? email me, thanks :)´╗┐

  • thewebmogul 3 years ago

    There’s another tablet that has Micro SD which is Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows
    8.1 Tablet. Only thing it don’t have is HDMI. I prefer have HDMI. But like
    the Lenovo Miix 2 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet thin body design. I have w3 and this
    will be a great upgrade´╗┐

  • Crushing It 3 years ago

    I love hdmi out. So which tablet has the best screen? W4 or Toshiba encore?
    Also seems Toshiba needs plenty of fixes for it to function correctly. ´╗┐

  • MrDtoU1 3 years ago

    Its interesting to read all these posted comments that explores preferences
    in ports, display and what you can or cannot attach to these 8″ tablets in
    terms of external HD etc. What this leads me to is why do some people bash
    windows tablets versus comparable iPad mini that have no ports, proprietary
    charging plugs, no sd card slots or display extended ports?

    From the comparison done here, it sure seems either Dell or Acer windows
    mini would do more, with more features at lesser price than iPad mini ´╗┐

  • Anthony N 3 years ago

    I bought one Acer iconia a1 810 android tablet and one dell venue 8 pro.
    Both for different uses. ´╗┐

  • poproducktions daniel burns 3 years ago

    the dell is much better alot of customers bought acer and had alot of
    software issues, the dell only has a few and it has a better screen with,
    better usge of ram

  • GrahamLinux 3 years ago

    Thanks for the Info, it looks like the Acer is the better Tablet from my
    point of view.´╗┐

  • Thiha Oo 3 years ago

    Thank you very much for this video. This is really very useful and
    informative for me. :)´╗┐