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NoypiGeeks reviews the Acer Iconia W4! A competent 32-bit Windows 8.1 tablet with 1.33GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, IPS display and a Wireless Keyboard Cover. For the full…


Acer Iconia


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  • Christopher Robbins 2 years ago

    Thank you for your most accurate review. I just wanted to see what was in
    the box that you got and found some differences in what I got. My W4 was
    the 64gb version with no keyboard so the dvd was not included; however I
    did notice that yours came with a usb cable and I had to order mine from
    Amazon. I won’t be crass like some of the others because I understood you
    just fine. Nice job

  • james madrigal 2 years ago

    hoy ang yayabang ninyo kala nyu kung ang galing galing nying mag accent .
    Ganyan tayung mga pinoy eh utak talangka! Tolerable nmn ung pag eenglish ni
    kuya ah!! And yes i worked before in the bpo industry. Cheh!!!! Mga

  • Rama Krishna 2 years ago

    Hey , where can we buy the wireless keyboard ???

  • Sir, speak clearly, i cannot understand what you’re saying. I have no
    problem with your accent though.

  • DIGI WIZARDZ 2 years ago

    i heard : plecei ple cie mememe llic e bolo koklopololo polo….”, acerrrr
    W core”

  • LEONOV991 2 years ago

    wait… Do you mean that you get an OTG cable in-the-box for the tablet?

  • john correa 2 years ago

    omg you talk like the president

  • jara ceballo 2 years ago

    can i ask? how to use the front camera ?

  • Nieminen Eminem 2 years ago


  • BionicBulldog 2 years ago

    9:23 @@ bidyo pile @@

  • Raja Ilham Fatahillah 2 years ago

    Dude, your english is so f*ckin bad.
    you need to start learn english again.

  • teamstar mly 2 years ago

    Hindi Right Left yan…

  • Tom Louwell Basco 2 years ago

    Like Spanish pronounsation

  • Bj Lim 2 years ago

    Hi. My acer w4 doesn’t boot up anymore. The green led light just keeps on
    blinking. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • vrdommed 2 years ago

    Oops forgot to tell you about the display sleeps – whole tablet sleeps !
    What! wn 8 sucks – please help me getback win 7 installed on this ! if
    possible if someone already tried

  • Bobong Palaboy 2 years ago

    magtagalog ka nalang sir, grabe nakaka distrrrrak yung english mo, ang
    tigas nang R lol!

  • radhe krishna 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful review!! I purchased this tablet and
    after one day of usage it was not booting…your review helped me to reboot
    it manually…thanx…

  • vrdommed 2 years ago

    sadly i am now saddled with two of these acer w4s [ one for me and the
    other for my wife – android was the best option and still is – avoid this
    acer w4 POS – go for android tablets else sulk like me

  • Nieminen Eminem 2 years ago

    Cant understand you.
    Plus its not a laptop

  • aiko agraviador 2 years ago

    Hindi maintindihan ang pag eenglish!

  • Bryan Matias 2 years ago

    Please make a review of Acer Aspire Switch 10.. :D

  • vrdommed 2 years ago

    no native dvd playback [media center edition – need to upgrade to win 8.1
    pro , Rs.7500 +] , no built in ad-hoc wifi create support [was there with
    win 7] – can some one tell me if i can install win 7 on this and forget win
    8 totally – i love win 7

  • Noggen13 2 years ago

    jesus what the hell are saying dude??!

  • Lilian Ak 2 years ago

    is that english? i can’t understand anything

  • Michael Quinzon 2 years ago

    How to download apps like games

  • lamquang Dang 2 years ago

    Steals the USB-Cabel?!

  • 3hoursago 2 years ago

    Will the keyboard cover kinda-sorta fit the Dell Venue 8 Pro?

  • Sayan Kar 2 years ago

    Hi, Could you please tell me the model number of the keyboard case?

  • Jonson Cabasan 2 years ago

    does this have SMS or Call feature? I’m gonna buy this if it has. :)

  • BedShaker0909 2 years ago

    Lack of apps compared to the competition?! Are you kidding me?! It’s an x86
    Full Desktop OS! You can basically throw any desktop software at it. It’s
    not even comparable to iOS and Android since you can even develop apps on
    this device.

  • Андрей _-_ 2 years ago

    germany accent. cool