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This is a full review of the new Acer W4-820 8″ Windows 8.1 tablet. Amazon: Acer Iconia W4-820 64GB

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  • Damir Franc 3 years ago

    This tablet even comes with a “flexible” display… 😉 

  • Damir Franc 3 years ago

    This tablet even comes with a “flexible” display… 😉 

  • slimbeast 3 years ago

    Your accent is just like Arnold I’m afraid! :D

  • root8ble 3 years ago

    is the display “flexible” on other competing tablets like dell venue pro
    etc..? thx for the review. Does it has GPS or not? Some websites say yes,
    some say no..

    how does it compare to toshiba encore? I am interested in acer w4 and
    encore mainly because of the hdmi but toshiba encore seems heavier and

  • Robert Longo 3 years ago

    Is this full windows? Like the version you would use on a desktop Pc?

  • Mishawaka Post 3 years ago

    The Acer 8″ tablet I just bought at PC Direct cost me $169 and sales tax.

  • Nishant Thakur 3 years ago

    Great review! Thanks!
    Asta La Vista

  • MRKNKLHEAD 3 years ago

    So do you prefer it breaks when you try to bend it?

  • Ernesto Ducay Jr 3 years ago

    3:11 *laughing*

  • Vi Kas 3 years ago

    good in depth review

  • Roderick Aspiras 3 years ago

    Nice review honest, straight to the point and no BS. I like it. I have the
    iconia w4 and i like it a lot. It comes with a free crunch keyboard and usb
    go cable at least that was the package i got. Once the bios is updated the
    mirroring option is available when you plug it the micro HDMI cable to a
    monitor or tv. Battery is really good. I would have opted for the lenovo
    miix 2 but i need an external display option.

  • Nikhilesh Kumar 3 years ago

    Too thick.

  • dvdordie 3 years ago

    2 thumbs up for arnold lame joke LOL!

    Always enjoy your videos!

  • rejzor 3 years ago

    What are the languages available for Windows? I’m thinking of ordering this
    tablet from Amazon DE, but i’m worried it might come with German only
    Windows (would prefer English).

  • Jacco vw 3 years ago

    i want its so much better for school than an ipad
    ipad just sucks at everything

  • spantherix 3 years ago

    Oh Damir I found out another “feature” about this more flexible display! 😀

    The more flexible a glass panel is the lower chance you have it will break
    if you drop your tablet accidentally ^^ So it has good aspects too :-)

  • Nafǝez Imtiaz 3 years ago

    Hei Damir, I have a question. does it have GPS built in? 

  • Nishchay Mishra 3 years ago

    can we play games like counter strike in it???? or age of empire 2 HD

  • Susila Adnyana 3 years ago

    astalavista bebeh

  • spantherix 3 years ago

    Hey Damir! 😀

    Well, Battery has weight and bigger battery weights more so you can think
    why it weights more ^^

    But that’s a good thing! 😀

    Oh yeah and I really love your accent! xD

  • Cristian Lorini 3 years ago
  • Crushing It 3 years ago

    Hows the screen quality compared to the Toshiba encore. I want to have a
    tablet to take outside

  • assaf azoulay 3 years ago

    great review , can you tell me which is better ? Lenovo miix 2 ot this

  • PeterMacPL 3 years ago

    Thanks for review, but you told Dell Venue 8 Pro has better screen than
    this? in what aspect is better ? do you compare side by side ?
    Also battery life, you told for 10 inch you recomended HP Omnia 10, but
    this one has very weak battery life, (see tests on
    only 4h: 55min in WiFI surfing, Dell Venue 8 Pro 6h:13min.

  • Vincintosh 3 years ago

    5:06 Nice song: title and author? :)

  • GrahamLinux 3 years ago

    Very nice review. Thanks Damir. I subscribed.

  • Abhishek Sarkar 3 years ago

    I can’t find the crunch keyboard in the Indian market.

  • Paul K Deuster 3 years ago

    Nice review +Damir Franc !!
    I didn’t consider a windows tablet yet, but it’s good that I now know
    something about their capabilities.
    Keep it coming! Maybe you once get your hands on one of this dual boot

  • David Dire 3 years ago

    I loved the Arnold joke. You are usually all business and serious. So it
    was funny

  • GHOST GAMER 3 years ago


  • Jamaar DeBoise 3 years ago

    This tablet even comes with a “flexible” display… 😉