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Acer Iconia


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  • elnaufrago doce 2 years ago

    can only change the touch without damaging the lcd screen?

  • jaimeeh xiao 2 years ago

    Hello guys.. Pls help me
    What to do if my acer tab stuck in acer i mean its open but i can only see
    the acer iconia In screen after all its not running just sruck i there
    until its off..
    Whta ro do plss

  • Mesha Cross 2 years ago

    Where do I find a replacement screen for my a200

  • elnaufrago doce 2 years ago

    and where you can buy the entire screen?

  • Ramy Bardi 2 years ago

    Hi, i need help, how can i change the screen digitizer glas only. The LCD
    is fine, just the glas is broken. Thank you

  • Iverson Does 2 years ago

    My Acer Iconia Froze and it wont let me shut it off..

  • Wenche Langerud 2 years ago

    Omstendelig å skifte glasset, ser jeg. Skjønner at produsentene heller vil
    at du skal kjøpe ny, selv om det fra et miljøperpektiv er bakvendt.

  • Justin Cornell 2 years ago

    I like acer a200 its the best I world fuck Acer a500

  • Matty Brown 2 years ago

    Ken parks did you get the LCD screen with it? Cause I’m trying to figure
    out if I can take off the broken screen without damaging the old LCD screen

  • charlesmagnuelle 2 years ago

    Help. I have a charging problem with my iconia a210. (200 and 210 are same
    except the cpu) the charging port is loose. And i need to find the right
    angle in order to charge the tablet. Can u recommend any fix? Thanks 

  • cyrus5671 2 years ago

    I used this guide to replace the glass. the only thing missing is that you
    have to VERY carefully cut a thin line that connects the LCD to the glass.
    Doing that fixed my crazy “multi touch all over for no reason” issue.

  • apllDgrapllD 2 years ago

    Are these screens fused together?

  • Roovert Perez 2 years ago

    where do I can get the tools from?

  • FixPhone Land 2 years ago

    The part was purchased on Ebay, which by the way offers international
    shipping. Check their web site to see if that could be delivered to you in
    Brazil. Good Luck!

  • Jerrell Austin 2 years ago

    where can i get the glass from any sites

  • ThePumperickle 2 years ago

    I just did it myself with no problems plus its better because the top glass
    is a lot cheaper then having to buy the whole thing together

  • FixPhone Land 2 years ago

    If it lights up but does not show the picture that means LCD is broken.
    Either your screen came defected or was damaged during the installation

  • Rebekah Maccaby 2 years ago

    What tools are you using? I mean, on the small drive, exactly what are the
    heads? are those very small hex bolts, Philips screws, star screws, or what?

  • DrPrdouctions23 2 years ago

    hey i did everything exactly the way u did but then when i turn it on
    nothing shows up on the screen but just lights

  • nitsujlip 2 years ago

    i do just that everyday at my job. removing the lcd from the digitizer is
    actually a lot easier than the initial removal of the lcd/digitizer
    assembly from the body. as with anything, as long as you are careful, you
    wont have any problems. i have not broken a single lcd by doing this using
    only a heat gun and the exact same “black stick” tool this guy uses
    throughout this video.

  • smc1377 2 years ago

    After replacing just having replaced the digitizer on my A200, this video
    shows WAY more steps than needed. You don’t need to remove the mainboard
    other than just the wire that connects the board to the LCD screen. The
    wire (or whatever that’s called) that connects the digitizer screen to the
    digitizer is accessible without taking off the mainboard, nor the battery.
    If you’re like me and only have to replace the digitizer screen, you don’t
    need to remove anything except the back panel.

  • ThePumperickle 2 years ago

    Thank you for the video really helped me!

  • FixPhone Land 2 years ago

    We wouldn’t recommend that. Very low chance of not breaking the LCD while
    separating it from the digitizer glass.

  • tijman1 2 years ago

    great video thx

  • Sam Wittner 2 years ago

    My digitizer is shot am considering repairing it at home seeing as i do not
    have the funds to have a 2nd or 3rd party repair it, found the part fo 50 $
    need to learn more about what i am doing b4 i begin, video looks
    educational but i need the step by step walk through, please email me the
    instructions if possible to

  • Jake Mako 2 years ago

    How much is the service ??

  • T Payne 2 years ago

    Its funny to watch this guy do all this extra work. The digitalizer is not
    glued to screen. There is a heavy duty clear plastic in between lcd and
    digitalizer. I have replaced many buying just the digitalizer. Chech out my

  • FixPhone Land 2 years ago