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PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the Acer Iconia One 7. For more details, check out …


Acer Iconia


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  • Big Stan 2 years ago

    Just got the iconia 7″ yesterday. Yup its KitKat and yup its a great tab.
    My only complaint is the camera six and there’s no flash. But I can use my
    Galaxy s for that. I’m telling u if u want a GREAT tab get the iconia one
    7″ I LOVE IT!!!

  • Big Stan 2 years ago

    OK so after having this tablet iconia B1 for almost 2mos. Its still a
    pretty good tablet for the price. But the camera sucks on it BIG TIME. No
    flash so unless ur out in bright sunny conditions, ur pix will be DARK.
    Otherwise the only other problem I have is the task manager. U have to go
    thru and swipe off each app individually. But that’s a small price to pay
    in my eyes for a tab if this quality for the price I got it for. So if u
    can get pix wit another device and don’t really care about taking pix on
    the tablet then this is a great buy.

  • Alan G 2 years ago

    Can some one tell me how to adjust the settings of the camera on this
    device? I have a bright house it on camera it’s dark

  • Daniel Warner 2 years ago

    did anyone have trouble with calling apps? they can’t hear me on skype
    magicjack or gooogle voice apps 

  • syafiq Jaguary 2 years ago

    Asus fonepad 7 (FE170CG)or Acer Iconia one 7??

  • Zeynep Temur 2 years ago

    My tablet is acer icionia one 7 .I’m from Turkey

  • kaleb vasquez 2 years ago

    Is it root comparable

  • Purple cyclist 97 2 years ago

    Why cant i find this on amazon

  • Purple cyclist 97 2 years ago

    Why cant i find this on amazon

  • Rafael Lol 2 years ago

    hi some one will tell me if that model is the same to this one: B1-730-127U

  • PhoneArena 2 years ago
  • Nikola Boqdjiev 2 years ago

    Great specs for a budget tablet :)

  • Juan Stanley Germosen Zorrilla 2 years ago

    Acer Memo Pad HD 7 :D

  • Lawrence Lo 2 years ago

    Looks like an Ipad Mini

  • Patrick Kudak 2 years ago

    Very nice for a budget tablet

  • Aya Brea 2 years ago

    They sorta copied asus this time. This looks like the memopad hd 7 while
    the iconia 7 looks like the fonepad.