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We well show you how to disassemble / take apart the tablet and how to change / replace the LCD Display, the Touch screen / Digitizer or the Battery. Разборк…

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  • microheliaddict 2 years ago

    Hi, I replaced a cracked touchscreen but it still didn’t work. I ended
    buying a second touchscreen as thought it may have a fault but still
    doesn’t work! Have you ever had problems even after replacing touchscreen?
    Is it possible the main board has a fault? Thanks

  • Juan Arana 2 years ago

    hey man! awesome video.. just a question… what kind of glue do you used
    on the screen? thx

  • claudio uriel reyes barba 2 years ago

    Good after my friend i have a question if my display is broken but my touch
    dont its necesary replace the two parts??
    sorry for my english in from mexico and im not to good 

  • EllieGRL 2 years ago

    Hi my little brother broke his computer and I want to help him fix it, it
    has cracks on the screen and the touchscreen is getting in the way. Since
    he never uses touchscreen we thought we could remove the touchscreen and
    then he could use his computer again, but we don’t know how, he has an Acer
    computer, one of the really big ones (big as an apple computer)

  • itube612 2 years ago

    This is amazing. These tablets are not really designed to be opened for
    maintenence or part replacement, but you are smart and crafty enough to be
    able to do it. If I may ask, how much does a touchscreen cost, and how much
    for the display? 

  • domingo chucho 2 years ago

    hi friend this is an excellent video,

  • DZenitram23 2 years ago

    Great video my mother in law cracked the glass, its the dame process right
    also where can i buy that tape you used and what is it called?

  • Earl & Randi 2 years ago

    Thanks for this excellent video. Very thorough. Just wondering if it is
    the exact same process for an ACER B1-710 ? 

  • Dinesh Kumar 2 years ago

    Thankss to developer now i can clean my iconia acer tablet