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How to fully disassemble / take apart the tablet and change the Touchscreen / Glass / Digitizer with frame, LCD Display, Battery, Microphone, Loudspeaker, Audio Jack Connector etc. iFixit…

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  • Renaud Storme 2 years ago

    Thank you for the video, it shows a lot. Ummm sorry to ask but I need to
    change the USB plug as I think my daughter forced the plug in and now it
    does not go in anymore and I cannot change it anymore.
    Is there a way to replace the USB plug?
    Thank you kindly.

  • Biker Bill 2 years ago

    Where can I buy a digitizer screen replacement for this tablet?

  • Shahriyar Ibrahim 2 years ago

    great video +ZFix my tablets screen is not cracked, but have the screen is
    basically blank or dead. I do not know what to do. Could you please help

  • Bob Tor 2 years ago

    Is the display B1 A71 and B1-711 same?

  • MCCaptainPlayz 2 years ago

    Hi, My tablet (Acer Inconia B1-710) is broke and when i turn it on the
    screen goes black and has multi-colored lines going across how do i fix

  • jbhmd501 2 years ago

    Excellent informative video! I’m having problem with charging tablet. Tried
    to change adapters to see if that would help, it did, worked beautifully
    for 3 weeks, but then just stopped. Now will not charge at all. Any
    thoughts? Thanks again for posting this “how to” video!

  • kml mdl 2 years ago

    please tell me if lcd of iconia A1-713 is compatible with this typ too
    becausr i didt find it for sell help by some site thet sell it thnk you 

  • Earl & Randi 2 years ago

    So i got it done easily, thanks to this great video! My problem now is
    that my LCD screen will not display anything.. It lights up and I can hear
    the tablet sounds, but it does not display anything on the screen. It just
    lights up. Ive tried unplugging and replugging in the flex cable
    several times. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • Earl & Randi 2 years ago

    I can’t thank you enough for making this video. I see it is a bit more
    involved than the other acer video.. The only question I still have is
    how to remove the digitizer from the frame? Do I need to use a heat gun
    and pry to separate it? I am replacing a cracked digitizer. on My B1-710.

  • Richard Harris 2 years ago

    subscribed! top man expect a few more views when my new lcd turns up 🙂
    thanks again richard