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Budjet tablet for the 179.99.


Acer Iconia


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  • stulep 3 years ago

    What size SD card will this take

  • Pflanze Anderecke 3 years ago

    don’t buy it… the wifi connection is terrible. as he said

  • lolo ent 3 years ago

    Order one for my wife for school but want to knw if this product can’t get
    in her school portals for lab & such

  • Aleks Kevyn 3 years ago

    “My wife is trying drive…She’s doing just about how she drive in the real
    world” 😀 Thank you, you make me laugh!

  • Alexander Liman 3 years ago

    Same song on WILD DEFENSE game

  • Paok - 3 years ago

    Acer iconia a1-830 vs lenovo yoga 8

  • Theocratic Software 3 years ago

    That driving comment was too funny!

  • lolo ent 3 years ago

    Had it for 3 1/2 mo now wifi works fine for me but then again, got xfinity
    fast speed Internet she loves it so it’s a win but can’t find how to root
    this device does anyone know how to root this want to update it to kitkat
    some how if possible tried towelroot didn’t work anyone out there knows
    please reply 

  • อนุพงศ์ เขียวเส์เข์ จัมโบ้ 3 years ago


  • Pflanze Anderecke 3 years ago

    the best alternative is the asus memopad 8… 1,6 quad-core

  • raquel pernell 3 years ago

    can i have it i really could give my son it considering hes been asking for
    a tablet for months and is kinda annoying me now

  • lolo ent 3 years ago

    Cool tnk u for responding very much appreciated, get it tomorrow so will
    test it out to an extence