Added by on January 24, 2015

With a new BlackBerry device on the market that means it’s time to partake in the ritual unboxing. This time around, there isn’t a whole lot that has changed…

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  • ggqbc 2 years ago

    I dotched my blackberry phone but i love my playbook wifi….4g playbook
    would be a beast

  • Josh-Ollie Starling 2 years ago

    Awkward how RIM isn’t dead and their not bricks. Js.

  • MrTheend73 2 years ago

    Good job Bla1ze 🙂

  • Nagby3 2 years ago

    the normal PB cost 200$ and the 64GB vers cost 280$ maybe you didn’t
    searched in the right stores

  • chrisbeard23 2 years ago

    Great job with the unboxing video.

  • villdep 2 years ago

    ei stna. työntäkää nyt vittuun nää unpoksing videonne. pässit.

  • efayinsito 2 years ago

    good blackberry playbook but is a bit slow

  • WorldStar 2 years ago

    $179 now at bestbuy canada

  • Alekza24 2 years ago


  • Bryan Mahoney 2 years ago

    Blackberry is DEAD!!

  • Tom2736 2 years ago

    Is the Playbook still around? Who is going to pay $500 for this old trash?
    RIM is dead, don’t waste your money on thos brick.

  • abukar hassan 2 years ago

    i dont see the use of getting this over my current playbook. I got a
    blackberry smartphone i can just use bridge to surf the net or my email.

  • cartire801 2 years ago

    To all of the haters this is a tool not a toy.

  • SignatureCha0s 2 years ago

    This Blackberry Playbook LTE is the same hardware-wise excluding the LTE
    connectivity as the original Playbook which is also priced much lower. They
    should have ,ad a new model that would be drastically improved instead of
    incremental added features for less marked volatility for their tablets.

  • abukar hassan 2 years ago

    i used the playbook charger on my bold and i ended up burning the battery

  • Mr Heisenberg 2 years ago

    this was $700 2 yrs ago now its $180 !

  • chris quiles 2 years ago

    they dropped the price cause noone wanted to pay $400 for a playbook

  • Rojrung Mungmaiphon 2 years ago

    go fuck yourself Blackberry

  • uris salvador 2 years ago

    well i guess the rimpire is striking back… bit by bit… good luck i guess

  • Kunal Mishra 2 years ago

    Love the android portable apps and PB speakers.., Purely awesome!!!

  • Mw2QuickScoper55 2 years ago

    only want coz cant afford the great ipad

  • azntallie101 2 years ago

    You’re joking right?

  • PRASHANT BISWAS 2 years ago

    playbooksss sound quality is best in its class…

  • andy roo 2 years ago

    You sound like Seth Rogan. Awesome!

  • Beyondfreshken 2 years ago

    Everyone writing how it doesn’t different. RIM doesn’t change the looks of
    its products much the blackberry is still pretty much the same looks for
    the past couple years

  • PlaybookGenie 2 years ago

    Check out my channel dedicated to playbook new channel!