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After making a video of 7 Things You Must Do On Your Google Nexus 7 Tablet ( I tweeted and you guys wanted to see 10 things you c…

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  • Armando Ferreira 3 years ago

    For those that just got their Nexus 10 tablet

  • Matzen Schiller 3 years ago

    Instead of TeamViewer I use Splash top. It has pretty much better
    performance, I can even play Diablo3 via my Nexus10!

  • Disney0702 3 years ago

    I’ve tried getting the super video app but I can’t find it on the play
    store :-(

  • James Welbes 3 years ago

    I think that Ultimate Google Nexus 10 App was replaced by “Top Android
    Updates”. It’s the only app I can find by Drippler

  • Mirella Santiiesteban 3 years ago

    This is susan Roman . I Will like to thanks you for sharing,all that
    technology to the public.

  • runesceiter 3 years ago

    For wich Apps you need to ROOT the system?

  • Angel Martinez 3 years ago

    Hey great quick question, I really want a Google Nexus 10 Tablet, but I am
    holding out for a Google Nexus 10 2nd generation. What do you think.
    Please comment. I would like to get this tablet as soon as possible…

  • niko22225 3 years ago

    omg what a concidence Im wearing an atari hoodie right now

  • Alfie Burch 3 years ago

    i just bought my google nexus 10 it seems to be having trouble with netflix
    and youtube playing will say youtube is not responding and same
    for netflix any thought please email

  • Mortthemoose 3 years ago

    That was really interesting. Thank you. 

  • NIKO OVERWERK 3 years ago

    this video was made on my birthday :)

  • The Eon Ocelot 3 years ago

    Does TeamViewer and the monitor extension require the device to be rooted?

  • Jose Morales 3 years ago


  • Anurag Nandi 3 years ago

    4 things on nexus 4 ?

  • Paulius Karlonas 3 years ago

    Did you buyed ATARI t-shirts ?

  • Cesar Leylim 3 years ago

    hi how about videos for ipad 3

  • 2671rock 3 years ago

    ” Please Like and like and give it a thumbs up ” Wtf is up with him?

  • Rainer Wörner 3 years ago

    Thank you for supervideo

  • 443Nosferatu 3 years ago

    I’d like you to make how to theme your nexus 10 like a boss…Does it sound
    good???…Please make it. I know you can make it!

  • Daniel Murcia 3 years ago

    ey Armando, or anyone, is there a video tutorial that i can use to root my
    nexus 7? im to afraid to do it ._.

  • alvaro castro 3 years ago

    do you recommend to buy this now or to wait to the next gen tegra 4 tablet?

  • samohtxotom 3 years ago

    You can have the external storage without root. Its called Nexus Media
    Importer. Costs a couple of bucks but well worth it.

  • Bruno Viana 3 years ago

    How to customize your android tablet like a boss! Please!

  • Halo Games 3 years ago


  • Tarun khatwani 3 years ago

    Armando is the best tech guy on YouTube !!!

  • Ouail Ouazani 3 years ago

    what about 10+4 things for nexus 4

  • Тимур Титов 3 years ago

    It’s need root?

  • Gary Downes 3 years ago

    Great video…

  • Marlon Santa 3 years ago

    Can you use TeamViewer on the N7? (please answer)

  • Unadulterated Mischief 3 years ago

    Nope. There has been a jailbreak for ios6 in the last 4 months now either.

  • Dave John 3 years ago

    Armando, when will your 4 things for Nexus 4 video be released?

  • DF Studios 3 years ago

    Up next: 4 things you must do with your Nexus 4

  • Engels m 3 years ago

    i like armandos videos even if i dont like them just bc he helps us
    expecting nothing but a like back

  • Furqaan Ülger 3 years ago

    Do you HAVE to mention any Apple product always in any of your videos? You
    and I both know iCrap is nothing but overrated expensive garbage.

  • Gerard Umbert 3 years ago

    2XClient is way better than teamviewer… and it supports native RDP and
    have their own server for non enterprise OS